donal trump

My Principles… fucking scared?

You send by your principles,
plenty a lot of examples,
-Take it a lot grade+….. down I rent a room
They being Marrocan, Brazillian, Jugidsuyzzzz, woooozyyzyuss, don´t care.
Are in my heart DNA for that matter is not yours,
That my someone tought me, for good always, for sure
making this poetry not sure.

(for you dad, I know you care some, too much, and I chose my life quite differntly than his)
And fucking trying to put all together in one small piece for dummy to do read.
Just wrote it, should do more re-writing, but it won´t be me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Trump( video)

Lets make it short, he will win 2020. I guarantee that, might piss you off,
but don´t be the kind of person that goes with sentiments,usally it does not work well for society.
Be practical.
I might look at ” it” from another point of view.
Also…I´m an Oso, they guy reminds me of my father,
you have in the video the woman giving him some chocolats for the kids,
basically in her mind is to make the president look good that is her job,
might hate him or love him,
it is not my concern.
Although it did remind me of my father, love him to death.Not comparing my father
with Trump. The only thing is that some men and women are just not made up for little kids.
My father… he has more morals than this man, but don´t expect him to be a kid lover.

And the ultimate gol is that they are the children of the “press core”, gotta love that one.

who would have thought…Trump

Who would have thought I can analize,
Trump. And make it in some form of poetry. I actually disagree with father,
but no bother.
Trump can read the crowd loyal to him, be himself, and off the cuff jokes,
quite funny actually, he has a incredible team behind him,
he is very smart at making people look dumb, “Fake news”, it stuck.Amongst others.
People underestimate him. Including my dad but he is old school political consultant.
So there goes (whoever wants to read) a bit of my background, and being his son…
I still remember at age 10 him driving me to school, which for him was not cool,
me with the walkie talkie listening to my music and him talking about some of what I wrote.
Take a note.
Yet my dad is the King in my eyes.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Going rogue

Testing, atention please, I do have to write but not read you.
People are blue, screw the screw have to write in public
and be honest or dishonest, whatever comes hit you me you,
going nuts then hit the restart, I can be that smart,
how many people will I read but not for a two days or one week days,
you better read me and forgive me. It´s my adrenaline…or not,
I just say to my dismay this:

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

mr trump

Debate me! I dare you! but, I´ll just put the video.
Nice music, plus… I´m high, but for an action there is reaction,
and I´m putting it simple, there is a reaction for for anothers action,
putting it simple now, so debate me, I´ll destroy you, wwwaaaaaaaa! 🙂
Not kidding really, I want a debate, our, your in the US had a forefathers,
we had a dictator, in my eyes he was a cool dictator…..Debate me, the crazy!

trump,charly´s view in 175 words.

A player. How the fuck he managed to get the North Korean Dictator to let him cross ¨the line¨?
The DMZ that is. Trump´s father told him, ¨you áre a millionaire¨. Trump said, ¨A millionaire?
you are fucked up dad, I will go where you never went, Manhattan, and be a Billionaire¨.
I predict this, and listen as if I´m GOD, the little idiot of North Korea is going to keep on
doing his own crazy thing, launch a missle her and there, atom bomb you have it, proclaim it,
The ¨T¨for Trumping. Good move this one. Flexing muscles, for the cameras and the perception of people.
Got the last part? Perception…… and that is one key.
Talking about key, If I walk out the front door I have no fucking clue how will I return, since
I have no keys, cell phone also fucked up, doesn´t work, and… familly pissed off, and….
Trump the player, I think he is playing it good, he did get the Mexicans to move their ass.To name one.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Just haley

I´m going political and not so radical but, political lyrical
here is my woman, hey yo feminist or bullshit men patriarchs
as the socialists have become marxist.Make me . Debate,
and I would love it. You can´t over argue me. Quite strange since
the blog it is called crazy life….and me the Priest.
Forgot, I am anti woman in power, Hillary the Clint-on,
was once a day that thankfully will not come.

Forgot again, isn´t it horrible for a woman that is, I guess right winger,
to say these terrible things to the great, very efective U.N?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I love trump

Sorry. that was one of my ex girlfriends, what is wrong with you women?!!!!
If I was a woman I would pay to be with me. She is sexy though. True by the way.

I love Trump
I saw him pushing and aunt

I love…love?
Good in the DOF, or department of defense
And he build a big fence
A player
He is the mayor
Smart hardworking
And he doesn´t do the smoking
He does deals that are choking

That´s it, I won´t go into my personal politics. Hope you read a fun!!
You, and you punk……sorry Little sister I thought there was a skunk.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The donald

Think what you think so then I can grin,
Interview with Charlie Rose, “The way I have survived during
survival mode, the image I portray during those harsh times
they didn´t see me going into a corner put my thumb in my mouth
and cry.” This might say more of me than this man…….
Hey, look at the black dude! Sorry hippies, or not.
well the video doesn´t appear when I hit publish,
Ice of the cube, or Icebube actually endorses the man.
And says what most people think but don´t say.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.