Donald Rumsfeld

My man!

I like this guy, no political correctness, although I
do understand he is a damn smart man when it gets to
American politics and how it functions. So, since I couldn´t
sleep tonigh, I ended up watching this guy, wich by they way
he was probably one of the people that got me in there, and
I have no regrets. But you got to love how the hippies(anchor)
…. whatever, each to his own. I love you all.
Please comment I would love, to hear you comments.
Gotta run, got to go work! Hate that part…. hahah

Known´s and Unknow´s.

There are known known´s , there are things we know we know. We also know that there are known´s unknown´s that is to say that there are things we don´t know. But there are also unknown´s unknown´s, the ones we know we don´t know.

Everyone got that right? If you didn´t you´re a bit off…….But I´ll let the master of saying a lot without really saying anything explain it to you in 35 seconds. Donald Rumsfeld Unknown Unknowns ! – YouTube

I don´t care about your politics, but you have to give him this, he wen´t outside when the airplane hit the Pentagon and helped for  some minutes with the wounded. And he´s the boss, they should have taken him into an underground bunker right away. That tells a lot about the character of a person regardless of your politics. Plus it made me giggle like a little girl.