Donald Trump

My new idol(video!!)

Apart from Julia Roberts that I felt in love as a kid, this woman is hot and smart
plus loyal to the president agree with him or not. She has all these sharks reporters
with the “catch you question”, it´s not even a question they are just saying their own thoughts
making it look like a question. Having family members and knowing a bit about
politics and specially journalist, these reporters get worst and worst, I think Trump just made them nuts.
And Trump loves it. I actually think he woldn´t get out of bed if he didn´t have to fight his opponents.

Great optics seing the hottie, and a very smart lady to deal with those sharks of media reporters,
so called reporters that eventually have turned into comentaries of what they think,
but putting up as a question. Nothing new at this point.
Just interesting to see the back and forth, a very intelligent woman this person.
Tough as nails and she got the reporters in check. Has to be hard that job,
I myself would literally smack the reporters after so many “catch you when I can questions” bombarding her.
I thought she was great at dealing with that situation and it is day after day for her.

Kellyanne Conway(video)

One of the Trumps dogs of war. You might hate her, and if you do you are
anti-feminist. She reminds me of my mother I always go back to my mother….
And I have lived what most people should not lived, but always back to mommy.
Anyways, by the way fuck that Iñaki guy commenting on my blog, out of here
he might be a terrorsit from the Vasc Country(a providence of Spain) so fuck
this nut case. I sort of know where he is going, I´m traking you…. not me actually
but others that are smarter.

That was me saying how this woman like my mother, is a strong woman.
You can see in her face the toll is taking on her that job, she also has children so she might be human.

She is loyal and a fighter. 2 good qualities in humans.

Woman/man might as well now in these days of politically correctness add a dog in the mix,
and a rabit so he or she does not feel bad.

Loyalty and fighter.

Tell my mommy she is a… as the socialist will say not outloud.
“She is under control from a man” actually they do say it outloud, haaaa!
Jeeeesus, Mommy will just look at you and not even smack you.
I would be the dummy that does smack you and then go to prison, already happened so… just in my genes.
Not mothers genes, mine, but gotta love both of these two women, my mother more.

Just putting out an example for all people, if they want to read and follow that example.
(that was intense and did I misspelled something?… that was intensew)


Trump, sorry I´m drunk.

You saw the picture?
It was a mixture:
Of simple clothes,
The other person upstairs will get(and I have no clue thank GOD) something and pull them to them up,
And she owns it? My great pieces of clothes I put up for the shine to sun?
So it seems there is no nun

Humans are born to be devises, like it or not, human nature. Nothing new to you nor me,
But once in a while a smack to be.
Sorry for people that think Trump is Hitler, I have my own brain (one neuron) and can see his
bullshit and most of the bullshit turns into nice reality.
That is humans gravity.

Fucking put the whole shit into a poem and short. I should get a medal.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The Priest lesson on politics

Hello my flock, your shepherd will guide you today on this Sunday mass….

Politics 101.Always play to the emotions of voters never let them think rationally.

The left is very good at it, they actually have a “think tank” named
Game Changer Labs (Google it if you want),and these people who work in that left think tank
their names are not public. You have no idea who they are, and they specialized in going
from country to country all around the world and give the candidates of those countries running
for President the “line” they should follow when it gets to the message, it´s all about the message
and they are the masters at selling the politician. I´m not saying is good or bad,
each to his own. It´s just easier to rally people when you play to their emotions and
not for the politician to expose their real policies-intentions and how will he get them done. They are also involved in Venezuela amongst others with that cool dictator Maduro.

I even feel smart…going to Church later on, and you should too. I demand it as you are my flock.
Not kidding about going to church.
The Priest that must have around 200 years is a great guy by the way, very funny man, good man.
Who would have thought me making friends with an ancient priest…

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Impeachment of evil Trump

The word comes from the U.S House of Representatives
Filled by highly skilled political operatives
After going back and forth one party finally got one article to stick called: Obstruction
Desinformation reaction
Obstruction is a big umbrella:
Obstruction because you don’t like what the president did
That is his constitutional deed- you like it or not
Why now that they have their “victory” why not pass it to the U.S Senate for a lawful trial,
Not a political-populistic trial
So people can see evidence of law for once in a while
Afraid it may backfire?
Didn’t they have such a tight case?
Or are they are just trying to safe face?
But they throw out great names though:Pelosi-like the battle of the bulge,
Other Politician- Like fighting the revolution
Other politician- Like fighting for black rights
You don’t send the freaking thing to a trial since you know you’ll get a lawful denial

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Foot Note. It´s in Spain, woke up to give my mother her anti cancer pills,
and now I felt like pontificate…. to the dog that is sleeping next to me.
Or maybe she is doing as she is sleeping….deceitful creature, just like others though,
so the dog is good.

my take on trump

My take on it I´ll make it quick.

Watching in the internet FOX NEWS(evil),
he has the personality,a message that will stick to his base,and some.
He will win 2020. That is for me to say that against all the other ” political experts”
that I will be right 60%. He says outloud what I think
in the comforts of my living room,
apart from the 80+ year old man that was installing the electrical cords
in my mother house and me not trying to laugh while he was explaining himself,
“too many marrocans in Spain”.
Trump, he says outloud everything for people to hear, that is not normal politics,
but it resonates with his base. And that base is quite a lot.
Not only my marrocan comparison, got it? He is a fighter, people love that
who wouldn´t, impeach him? na, through shit at him? yep, but it doesn´t stick.
How is your economy stupid? Said by Billy the Bill Clinton. Pretty good.

Argue with me, I did in Saaaaan Francisco! Got too many A´s in philosophy.
I made my point quick.I did had to put a bit of thought to write this, your welcome.
Now me…..drink cocacola.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

5 a.m news

I can´t sleep, so I´ll write a hit….thinking
even in Spain we live in the “Trump world”
so we swireld,
I will bet you, whatever are my political inclinations,
damn, I should be the one running nations
I bet he wins 2020, I can tell my view point as to why,
but then this would be a ” by by”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.