Catholics under siege

You, or him or the other
can bark all day about Catholics.
You are the ulitmate critics,
Why in the world of today that is,
is there no barking with Muslims?
I have no problem with them, actually I do, they did kill my friends in the army,
but why all these political poeople (normally dumb shits from the left)
are just giving certain small percentege of the terrorist muslims a pass?
Are they eating grass?
I see this all around the world and nobody is afraid to screw Catholics,
but Muslims… yeah, you chop up this head and that, you hate homosexuals,
you want women to be your slave…. well, we cool with that being a rich politician
from a Western country,
If you ask me.
Kill those fuckers, sorry but don´t worry, you don´t then they will kill you.
And I can give you plenty of day to day life in my home town of examples,
not killing but (funnny) they get money for thier cause through drugs
hence there is a bunch of drugs in my little town. If I keep writing gonna murder
one of these ass holes, taking advantage of the social security system, and the rest…
that would include dummy girls in their teens. Not gonna murder anybody but it just piss you off.
Or I might if it self defense that is, although here in Spain is “funny” a guy or gal, brakes
into your house, you defend yourself with lethality and you are the one going to prison,
not the criminal. Fuck that.
Just the last thought of today, corona coooooorna…. still sane by they way.
You O.K?
That felt nice to express, yesterday I was expressing myself with the dummy coky the smokey
selling drugs, I did smack the shit out of this one, and there will be more to come.
He was a Marrocan Muslim by the way, the top dog of this town. Just a punk.
Police where? Sleeping.

A blood story(300 words long but funny.. I think)

I was cutting my head with the cutting perfect hair cutting machine,
Machine goes ” puff puff” so the cutting perfet hair machine is not operational-
I have this so called meeting with the dealer,
“Hey! You know where I live so come on up!”Dealer says,
I know is bullshit obviously, but let him bring the deal to me,
I have a point…..
the fucking cutting hair machine is no good. Point I might be a bit high. Point
Another one, Point. Might try to put a hat on before walking outside
with half the hair cut but at this point seemed it didn´t entered my mentall process,
and then the cut in my finger from trying to fix the no-cutting-hair machine Point.
Yes! I did try with the “blade”- other people just call it ” the thing men use to cut the hair on our face
and women to cut the hair on other parts”- I just call it The Blade, sounds cooler?

This one is cooler, so I walk down my house since he knows where I live and really checking
on me, hi local police, it is the locals…so what are they going to do with my stupidity?
Quite some if they wanted really,
I´m getting of my great topic.

I thought it was fun at that moment when my “friend” did the transaction and he suddenly says
“What the fuck?” But in the South Americana style….
Looking at my “new” hair cut and my thumb finger rolling with blood.
So that´s a weird fucking story and how not… I just put it in public.
This can be a total reck
Or a heck-hecking, I invent words, and invent myself, I should have a camera to put a photo of
my great face but a really weird haircut, on my deadly! Cut on my finger
I lost too much blood, nurses I need (that was plural)(. Point.
I accomplished something. No?…. No sayers you people… He is a funny dude the dealer,
He looks at my face-hair looks at my bloody finger and says ” If I see blood I faint please
don´t show it to me”. funny man specially the guy goes on about the corona virus…. fuck me.
Hope some bithc ex girlfriends we both have and shared, translates this to him. He cool sista!
That was gangsta!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

my cocaine

I´m just sniffing that floor,
with a whore,
sorry I´m not perfect nor are…
I just realize I turned on YOU, just making friends….
thinking people read this,
on my behest you´re a mess.
Got half gram of cocaine
for those who didn´t read me,
I live in a shit town-be
I didn´t purchase actually,
the other guy when walking to the supermarket-
He yelled at me? aaayala aa yala!!!!, just marrocans here,
but I can hunt a dear…….XWZ
Hit it so let it be-
What the fuck do I do with this half of gram of cocaine?
Sniff it out? Sniffing in? Sell the thing?
Might as well throw it to the trash, and not get also hash.
The idiots still give me-thinking…who knows
Not for me selling, nor yelling, nor sniffing,but:
The idiot just threw half a gram to the trash,
I confess I did sniff that mess, just one
and that is done.
COCAINE!!!!! No good ending end.
What a diary this thing….got to make it more….tell me something I can
write to score!!!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Piss you off

STOP FOLLOWING. Plus I´ll answer to your ¨calls¨ when time permits.
Hold it there
there is something for you to be a scare,
my writing is the old mighting

fuck is exciting

i actually lost my watch, plus other mores, but i got kind of creative
so i stole them,watch,drugs,his brain and i forgot his stupid brain.

what is it? 3070 people that once upon a time came by.

I do really don´t give a shit, i read bloggers that they are very proud
of this shit,followers, i don´t. Started this shit for me, plus i can
read others and learn. That´s it.STOP following me,already have a crazy woman
following, calling, fucking crazy this bitch.

Fuck, did I sounded high?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

cocaine cowboy

I have half of that white powder
and no wonder suddenly I have friends,
pretense. But eventually you might regret,
not really since it would be silly.
What is done is done, come on!
You walk through the streets with your
friends and nobody can sleep, well…depends,
so you end up late in your room a little one,
your senses are hyped up, your mind swirls
with anything that are not cool curls,
thinking…. fuck! I heard something
so somebody is watching me, fuck! it might
be the police, and you think weird things,
but at the end…it’s all in the mind, mostly,
because I’m the cocaine cowboy.

I did write this thing some time ago, now I’m cool, just
drinking water and eating like a maniac. Just in case people
think I’m talking about me now,
remember, it is called creative writing, I might as well just made
this thing up……shit, I swear to God that people are after me…
ya know!!!! love ya

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

YOU!!! Drug addict

O.k alright I have a bunch of things that I have to write, did so,
in her asshol, did I just said that?…..no wonder then.
So keeping
as I’m sleeping, it i see and then spit
point being is that I forgot the meaning, of the point
I just smoke a couple of one joint
tommorrow is scary
and is silly
drug addiction institute
that is me that will have to prosecute
being the point, we’ll read ya tomorrow
so today I hope you feel for me a lot of sorrow….. wink wink

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I’m dangerous

I’m that dangerous
since right now
i begin to rhyme so you can ask you why
so got two marrocans
in me bedroom
they do now were i live in my grand stadium
so instead
of listening through the window of every word
i thought they should come in with quite the nerve
they see me, the see the computer and radio, i know
they are scanning and that makes me feel better
just scanning their territory, so they think, it
is for me to give them a wink
and i actually gave the other guy a knife
wich i had not hidden to much
but i had a back up, that one they didn’t notice
since i like to be quite the elegance
of irrelevance
point to the point
these little criminals do know me, unfortunately
you show no fear because there is none, giving the guy
i think it was a to his dismay, a knife, he and his bitch wife
know i’m testing them, so don’t complain

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. That is Charly Corleonne
I do look cool I don’t care what you say, so got ya

This shit can only happen to me (100 word story… I think, maybe 130)

Foto 352

Crazy agonizing in the writing. Forget about it… the damn rhyming.

So this is actually turning into some sort of strange diary.
Quickly, so I got together with this Marrocan girl, she´s 20
I´m 34. So she goes to the “university” in my town. I get up there
and who is there for me to stare, the fucking Marrocan dude that
I bought hash and weed from(that was in the past), so we meet,
he smiles tells me how long it has been since we hadn´t seen each other……
I think he was crying, so out comes the girl I was to meet, really pretty,
smart, and you can talk to her about anything, quite strange by the way at least
in this town.
Now, she smiles at the guy, the one that is a dealer and talks to him, he looks at
me nods and still giving me a wink, I don´t know if that is the dead wink or if
the guy has some issues with the eyes.

Anyways, it was his brother!!!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. I lied, that was 176 words.

I´m a sinner

I´m a sinner
since i was beginner
lust and dust
is my must
love has disappear
in both mental ears
trafalgar cruising
going whoring
in the morning
spending money
as much as bees lay honey
drugs swirling
people curling
stealing was one of my trades
for some they will go in dismay´s
criminal record i got
don´t give much thought
what´s done is done
no way of changing so is forgone
once a girl called me hero
that was laughable and a zero
was in the army
Spanish Legion revolutionary
was a part of living
what a fucked up life
it can be a device

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.