Military experience

Sorry, just stumbled upon that one, she is a traitor. If the name is “English Bulldog”
She took the American bandana and wore it, hate her. Although is tough to hate that dog.
Military Experience, not that much coincidence, that came to mind.Watnching the videos..
not my exact experience, I do remember being very calm under fire. Just happens I don´t know,
happens in the civilian world. It just happens to be calm. That should be weird.

Almost forgot the video! ( apart from knowing situational awareness, the voice is calm under pressure)

Soldier-medal of honour

That me in uniform.
Trying to seek all the ” add media” of my great photo, I am drunk….
that is why I hear this guy, sort of normal for me,me, not all people. Trying to make
this quick, eventually you are born with it or not(personal experience)
And the not,those who run from literally run in “The Moment” is not insulting from my part”!, to be a bit splicit, fuk gdrun, people are born with ” react”, if not so there you go.
It is just human behavior. This guy…. Video!—–listen what the Priest says.
Not perfect people like us but you do need us like it or not. Shait! Video,,,Point.
Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Medal of honour

I did say in one post that if I got bored of me writing the novella,
going to bombard you with posts. Didn´t sound to you like a narcist?
8 a.m watching this guy. I do purpesely do it though,
I served in the Spanish Legión, did two deployments and the rest….
Point I want to make for specially the people in the U.S, we are not
héroes as you call them, we are normal people that talk and walk like you.
We may have some different type of life experiences but we are you
and glad to serve you. I was in the Spanish Legión, two deployments to
“beautiful countries” but these guys took the heavy shit. I did work with them
quite often, and they did safe my life.
Viiiiideo! He´s a fun guy this US Marine with the Medal of Honour,
watch it, now!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

drunk at 5.a.m thoughts

You women are caaaazy!
Let´s begin and make it short to the point.
I´ll put an example, my mother. She goes nuts on me
when I talk with her, funny thing is that if I don´t call her
every fucking day she calls me asking if I´m alright, good, she cares about me.
Didn´t hear from her while in the army and deployed, or homeless later,
so I reassure her I´m good. Even though I´m not.

Take my father, no showing emotions I can see, he did help me and still does in his own way
but he certainly doesn´t expect from me to hear my voice on the phone every day.
Pisses him off.
Yet he was there in my tough situations not my mother.
Are aliens
A matter of protest

Sentiments, bullshits, take that to women in general(general)
that I have been with…….that was more than one point to end.

Still love ya ladideeeeeeeeeeeeees!

P.S. Sorry, not drunk, but had to put a crazy title.
Read ya latter you innovator.


Another YouTube listening, I do,
some herding
talk about bullshit.earing
the MMA figter talks about guns,
since in his mind once you pull it out that is the real deal.
I have not forget, a gun was pointing in the internet..
I heard it, saw the impacts. I won´t write more to distract, tell me what–but cathardic
Fucking Mix Martial Arts talking this guy, I will and can fuck you up, even without a gun,
that you have a clue how to opérate a gun? Won´t go to the rifle son, I wanytsexy meat.
So there you go, crazy bullies like this one, for me they are none and done.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the more I see the less I know

The more I see the less I know
so, yes, you can take a bow
people need a drikn
af kinky
specially if is 8.am and you need whiskey
and that is really,
not now ,
you silly
the more I see the less I know,
fuck that!
Obviously in that state I did not see much,
hence, i had a world that was not as such

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

drunk poetry

I have to say that I’m a drunk
I also buy a bunch of chunk
The devil is whispering…drink drink, shooooooo,

I lived in Dublin,
that was my drunken sin,
but i’m always in my rights
I don’t regret fucking a sheep
Like a barbarian… where is my thong?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

No alcohol!!!

Early in the morning
Rising to bells ring
I got this situation
With rehab as my king
Gonna do today
And today is long day
Going to the south of Madrid
Eat a dick… sorry, just came out
Point being!!!! I got an interview with
This woman and she will determen my future
Or I will determine my future because I want to change it
And if you are a drunk that you spit

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.