Put it kinedely

This whore, if she fucks for money by definition that is a whore. Not insulting her,
just sayign the truth. You see her, and her smile?
You might think this girl didn´t broke a plate in her life.
I do know you,Miriam Lorenzo Calero yes I know you are angry that someone exposed you,
yet you did hit me, pulled out a knife on me in 3 occasions, almost took a chunck of my cheeck
although maybe she was hungry.. that could be her defense I guess.
She still calls while living in one of the whore houses, not the only one to say the list..
quite a list that one,
literally not making this up,
hence the best suggestion I got was… from dad, do not get yourself in trouble with these nutcases.

I agree with him, but I was in the Spanish Legion, proud of that, so nutcases I´m used to.
This is a tragic commedy. And I can understand the Taliban, I did get close and personal with them, my job.
I don´t understand how this woman will wake up and think all day how to fuck me. It´s just not in
my head procedure.

So Miriam Lorenzo Claero you are exposed is the point, sorry it makes you mad
since at least someone decent exposed who you are that we all know really so you are not kidding anybody,
call you faher, brother in the military, all your BS.
I will call not even my father, just my friend in the same of line as your brother, Guardia Civil except
I might know his superiors, and that is a understatemt, you little B..tch, trying to make me scare? You are
more nuts than the Taliban at this point,
If you are not in prison by the end of this year you are lucky, trust me on that one.