Show me the money!!!!! (rant)

Hey Greece and the people from that fucked up country, show me the freaking money!!!!!

These guys have borrowed 1.8 billion dollars from the European Union and they are still going broke and worst off they still expect the rest of the countries which by the way are made of people who pay taxes well for those people in those countries to pay for their bills, fuck you. Spain is in debt 98% which basically means that if I have one hundred dollars I owe the other person 98 dollars leaving me with only two dollars of my own.

Here is what happens when you vote for a radical socialist fascist party.

17% of Greece´s gross domestic product goes to pension´s for the retired, and there they retire at age 55. So do the math who has to pay for those pensions for the rest of their life´s, quite a lot of money spend there.

Then there are other type of pensions, like, for people who don´t work, for disabilities, helping people buying houses, and the list goes on. So you can say that roughly 30-40$ of their gross domestic product goes into pensions. What does that mean?

That there is more money coming out than there is money going in. So no freaking wonder  this country is broke.
It´s just basic math, like you, me, and the rest of the world as individuals if we spend more than what we have what happens….broke.

Greece is lucky to have borrowed all that money, I know that for the U.S which is 17 trillion in debt ( say whaaaat?!!!) is nothing, but for Europe and for that stupid little country it is a lot. And who is paying their bills? The rest of the tax payers that reside in the European Union, that means me, that affects me directly.

Now the European bank has said ” You´re not paying back my friends Greeks, you might have invented democracy but it seems you have screwed it up over the years, so no money.” The ones that have paid more of the debt to the Greeks is Germany, President Obama Wama Wama Ohama called the president of Germany cool Angelina Merkel to say to her, to tell her, who the fuck is this guy to tell the Germans what to do with their money by the way, to not let the Greeks go completely broke. Merkel said to him ” That sounds cool and very humanitarian so are you the one who is going to pay the bills?” Then Mr. Obama said “NO!!!” and Merkel said, ” See ya”

The people there voted for this leftist party they have there, as in Spain, what it´s an old strategy from the socialist, create chaos and then come as saviors and people slowly but surely will start looking up to the government to solve their problems, and this is what I call a parasite society. So now they´re fucked and the can only fault themselves.

So Greeks, unless you don´t bring out the 300 Spartans, well…. SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!! or I´m going over there to rob you as you did to us, and at least get my cut back.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I´m working here! Rant cause I can´t read ya

Love to work….naaaa, love the money….yep. It´s hard now a days in Spain to have a job and my job is paid in “black”money as they call it here in Spain. Which basically means you don´t pay shit to the IRS(The Spanish version called Hacienda). My job, it´s back breaking and I don´t have the best back in the world. It´s a painting job. And I´m not talking about painting Picassos, I spend between 8-12 painting a fucking house and the best is my cool boss. Which I or the other two that are working with me have a clue when this shithead is going to appear. So basically I can´t schedule my day.I can´t write, or the little time that I have or he let us have likely better said I get myself in one of this shitty internet caffes that we have in my cool country called Spain and just type away some screwby post. But that is not what pisses me off, what pissess me off, and I´m not bullshiting here, is that I can´t read other blogs. Until tomorrow that is if the bastard finishes the job. Or better said if the bastard tells us when is he going to appear. You got to see this guy….snorts more coke than I don´t know what to compare it but he snorts aaaalot. And that´s the problem, the job should have last 5 days, it is good money, at least for me it´s about 535$ but in euros. Again it is backbreaking labour but yet again I need the money so I just shut up do the job and put up with this fuckhead. I can not, I can not do what I love to do. Which is read other writers….yo! wordpress, yep I love reading the people or better said what the people write about. It´s interesting, refreshing, and more important to me it is that is productive. So screwby this crack head nut job,he tells me that tomorrow I have to stay again, going to stick the brush up his ass. No problem though, since they pay you by day, so I could or maybe I should go today. But another day would mean 80 euros in my pocket so I´l fucking stay today and break his neck if he tells me some stpid shit tomorrow. That is how the jobs are in this fucked up country. I can´t do what I fucking love which is read blogs, read about how to write a novel which I´m writing a novel while I read about writing novels. Go figure how the fuck is that going to turn out. I can read, but I didn´t bring the books I have at home that are in English, I can´t read the people that so kindly read me. And I read them, why? Easy, I like what they write about. Reading from poetry to nutty stuff like my own writing. Everything in between. Fuck, I even follow and viceversa that put up photographs. And I love it. My motto, try to learn everything although probably at the end of the day you´ll end up using one quarter of what you´ve learned. But it still stands, it´s a good motto…I think. So this is my fucking rant, I did post something jus right now, some poem I think, but that was saved in drafts. I clever. Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.