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It´s good to hit women(video of hell)

Did I say that in the title?
I can go to prison, with no reason,
Can a woman say that exame thing and go to prison,
No, and pólice won´t investigate but with reason.
25 of this month, walking around the shit town
I guess, maybe not, don´t know, that the last posts are
a bit off,mental off,25th abused women day..and men? It´s not manly? Bitch
it is a reason since who you are around obviously affects you,
that has no relationship with hitting a woman.
I myself have been through the process, she just lied,
Even the judge told me “I´ll put you in prison for being a dummy”.
Like my mummy,I still got the sentece “Not guilty”.
Not pretty even the outcome was for me normal, not for my lawyer.
I´ll give her a prayer,
plus she is hot.
See? Writting about this dumb shit in this shit town only,
really the point is to not surround yourself with certain type of people,
but as a master equal,
I do live here so is kind of a mute point.
Not even going to read you, got back to drinking, cutt it off tomorrow?
I did it once and twice and it´s up to my devise.
Holy! I´m willing to say there are more points to be made here.

Message-no to war

It seems an easy message,
NO TO WAR, who is going to say yes?
Not going much into this so not to bore you, but
if you control the message it will be mostly your outcome that come.

See? That was throughly thought in my mind.
You control the message, the words obviously are the key,
yooooo – be
you are on top Charly….I´m the narly

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.