engish literature

No quit

I grow tired sometimes
that makes me a mess
i know the words
are just in reverse
sometimes come with swords
fuck it, lets let it loose
i fucked a goose
i took a prude
my writing is like magic
till like tragic
no quit
it is
part of the me
let it be
writing is sporadic
because i’m an addict
then they say… i spit
but with witt

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

converastion with dad

I was reading all these post about father son relationships.
So I got excited and told to myself, lets give him a call.

“Who is it?”
“Me….your son.”
“What do you want?”
“Just to talk.”
“Then, we are talking.”
“Are you o.k?” He asks me.
“Couldn´t be better.”
“So what do you need?”
“I told you already, nothing.”
I can picture his face going red by the way
“Well if you are o.k and you don´t need nothing,
I got work to do.”
“O.k. By”
“We´ll talk another day.”

And that was the conversation, I read all that little shit
about the fathers and sons, they go fishing and that type of thing,
not in my case. You go to the point if not for him is pointless.
You need something? Is the first thing he will ask, and you know what?
For me that is the best question instead of some sort of wussy wussy
going to tell you how much I love you in words. He is him, and he is
me hero.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

If you never been low…

About the time you got to be low
You will not be on the top (relative)
Unless you are to slow
I´m so sorry for you
You got to face up
And be the one who is the know
You gotta fire up
So you can do that snap dice crap
Hate the fuckers that got all born to them
So screw them, just the ones that screw it
When they got all to it…..
And then be at the top be with them, with my own, hen!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

My wordpress review!!

Reading through a bunch of blogs yesterday
i was in dissarray. A lot of blogs had their wordpress review
so then i knew i had to spill out the beans out for you.

Are you ready?…hold it there, be steady, hit it!
I got, 100 million reviews, wich makes a billion
and sort of got me looking like a reptilian.

The wordpress dudes and dudesses said behind their dresses( that include dudes)
that with that amount they could count that if all of you would go to each
store of Levi´s Strauss to score, Levis would run out of pants and eventually
you´d ended up so happy you´d fall over plants, destroying the ecological system
making global warming even more of a worrying and all because you read
Charly the Priest so please, wordpress says to make a donation to this writer
here is the grinder bank account number 666-666- Devil! Punctuation mark has to be included
if not it all be diluted.

Stay Frosty gents and gentessses.