English Lierature

cia woman on deception

And she speaks and looks like my mother…freaky.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,


I’ve got a problem…..

You saw that?!!
That is why I called… what?
Yes I was born to be a writer, I know I haven’t sudy the art,
so that makes me a dumb, bumb bumb!!!
Since a quite early age books fascinated me,
don’t know why, so my guess is that there was some genesto writing this song.
I had a bunch of jobs, crazy jobs, no wonder my body hurts….but the writing
I found out is much more exciting. When I put the work on it that is,
not only “poetry” but other type of writing that I don’t post
because is so exciting.

So you can see the problem?

People talk to me and they bore me, I’m listening to my mind,
put this character here or there, what is his story to be
part of my story, a fantasy world that I create and just love it.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The new Shakespeare

To be or not to be-that is the old question,
listen to music and love the reading,
he asked why I said that sentence,
even though I’m a menace to society and creativity, music and reading
is what keep me centered, listening to music
while I write is probably the best time of the day,
gossip…bores me, people actually bore me,
antisocial is so emotional.

I got this from one of Shakespeare writing. This guy was a bit nutty.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the god mother

34 years old and I don’t give a shit what you told.
Quite interesting the relationship since I did do a lot of bullshit
The relationship was not what it seems to be according to plan B
I pissed her off long time ago and she said I don’t want to heare, so you go.
But, this time…. She hangs over me, wich make me sick, I should be
one protecting her, emotionally yes but unfortunately I just fight,
at the same time the emotions….
are weak in my family, so I’m a greek?
I’ve been through the ringer, but,
She will always take the time to send me a telephone ringer.
Just the God mother.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

father father don’t you see?

Look at that handsome man,
that is him,
my father… or not, I’ll snap you with a knot,
so I’ll get srerious then.

MY father…what can I say about this man…

always calm
hands never tremble
hard working
funny…in his own way
no self pitty
love his wife
he is great at his job
the bravest person i have known
not in the physical sense
but in the mental strenght
he takes care of my mother
and she actually doesn’t even need to take care from anybody
40 plus years together…damn,
although, how in the world does this guy makes her laugh in the morning?
i will never be him…
but i got that since i was at least 16
he inspires others
to be enterprenours
and that takes some nevers
that a lot of people disserve
my friends,
is a true man.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.