english literatre

My new girlfriend

You are beautiful
Another word would be wonderful

You never let me down
So I never feel like a clown

You never talk to me back
And that is quite whack!

You’re my new girlfriend
A listener, hot, and a real friend

Did you say something?…. Damn that was a weird one.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Fuck you I’m drunk

It was a good title, plus the song, wich I can bond.
Re, the read, is the need to say… fuck you I’m drunk. I do still struggle quite a bit
to say the least with the alcohol, I just went to the weed, seems I get hungrier and
fatter, and do raids against the fridge, but in my mind is healthier than the other thing.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

5 de mayo

Is not really the history, is just my creativity.

Bring the sombrero
Like the torero
Add one two plus zero
Latin Kings they were
Without underweare
But I just write
Without putting my pen down right
Her name was “Hello”
so this brings me to my own 5 de mayo
wich as my grandma said, and she did have a lot of sayings
“Hasta el 5 de Mayo no the quites el sayo”

Look it up on google if you want the translation, is your decision.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses with all my kissesse…

This is weird…fuck the muslims

Been in the army
Been deployed as Mr. Hardy
but that doesn’t count, or maybe it does, or not,
i have a head not.

Problem…. to say it quickly i got into a fight
as of right now with the Moroccans Muslim, although
Muslim didn’t say drug dealers, so I got one to get a bit off

He has to be the big tough guy specially when all the others
that are his bothers want to kick my ass, so i pull out and retrieve, but
he just comes to me, so here we go in a nice Mexican retrieve.

The older guys saw me, saw my crazy eyes and face that I was eventually go
for this idiot, so fuck them. Pussy ass shit, let it be known to him,
and now I write it and the adrenaline goes, but at that moment….
waaaaaaaaaaaw! You had to see Charly the Priest. Actually not better see him
to do that crazy feast, but it was him that in front of his guys had to
become the “the big guy”, he didn’t realise that i was not all that surprise
and i will go after you, and i jumped the que.

Fuck, I feel better now writing it, is so amazing
and this fuckers know where I living but is them that have
the problem….. fuck them. Staying truth to my roots.
Fucking Muslim drug dealers Marrocans, fuck you. Not in my country.

Any comments? Most willing to chat after my crazy life that looks like ass.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Heroes…the meaning

I don’t know, look it in the dictionary if you want.
For me, one lady said it,
people throw the word hero a lot
but the point is when things happen
either you do it or not.

I can tell you three stories in my civilian life
that I actually helped until the police and ambulance
came I just jumped off and treated 2 guys and 1 girl.
Apart from the army,
either you wake up or do it or you don’t. Funny, kind of
those stories, and I’m not saying I’m a hero I can tell you that,
I’m a fuck off, alcohol addiction, drugs, homeless plus convicted
of robbery although there was nobody there it was 4 a.m and me homeless so I
saw a chace and things developed.

Heroes…..I turn my life around, sort off, I stll screw up quite a bit
but I was watching this….

A college kid, but his friends they were in the military, funny thing
one of them just came from Afhanishit, so here he is celebrating in
Amsterdam, wich I have to go there…point being is the sentence I said.

You either do it or you not.

Most of the people freeze, they don’t react and that is understandable
since is not in the human nature to confront. So you talk about heroes,
not much to that word, as I said before two times,
either you are gonna do it or not.
Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,