English Literatrue

Trigger romance

Is two pounds of pressure with 3 point 2730, now I’m getting worried….
Anyways the metric conversion is 1 kilo of pressure to distress what is going in that head mess.
Legally that is, gotta be in the armed forces, or police, or FBI or Secret Service, that one is cool so I rest my case….
So, hold it, don’t tremble, pulsations from you heart do go to the finger and that is not a cool ringer.
Hold it,
breath deep and exhale
and then just do the romance tale.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

holy father

Forgive me father since I have sinned,
I was there,
had nothing to spare

Forgive me Father,
I mistook you for Dan Rather….

And Holy is my name
for everybody to blame
and….. shit
I am a priest
a priest from hell!
For all those people to yell

HE does have a sense of humour by the way,
if it wasn’t like that HE wouldn’t have let me stay
in this planet so array.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, have a beautiful Saturday.

what she said

oooo, women….

what are you doing?
just studying my wassap and mingling
she doesn’t talk to me
so screw you stinging like a bee
let me be
in a house tree
writing while listening
just writing what the stupid things you are telling me
fucking nuts
you are going to put me in one or two crutches
writing while listening to you
listening….kind off,
o, sorry, my cell phone just died
can’t listen no more
you you you beautiful but a pain in my ass

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

witness grandiosity

You´re about to witness
writing in it´s most purest
of formest
bending words
to fulfill your nerdy heads
then people talk about deep poetry
and i can do that deed,but
now having fun
while i have my early drink of rum
bum bum, spanking you! sorry that was for her
i got a skanker in my bedroom bunker
this writing shit isn´t giving me any money honey
decisions decisions
are the predictions
my underwater demolitions
are creating incisions
in your mind
and in your behind
you just witness writing grandiosity
only for your own curiosity….welcome,
said the nun

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Pissed off and unafraid

Hero I go on the flow
making the bitch snow
pissed me off right now
and that is a, how?
tell you,
bitches and gentlemanbitches
stay frosty cause at the end of the day
i will cause you stitches
believe it,
and i don´t want to go to jail
so for me it is do or not do and then
come with the consequences wich will
not very pretty.
Fuck this shit pissing me off really now
theh bitch, wich is my fault to take her here
i´m about to bite her ear
yet again,
it´s my fault for calling this person
and i will tell you why, like a fcuked up sky,
thunder is what is what i want to wonder,
so point being i have no money, no fucking money
until the enth of the month, so that is why i call
this girl, i swirl, i know is a great fault of my
curl, but no money no honey, then i get this one
to bring some kind of ping pong,so it does not
say a lot about me, and this……
I do have to change.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.