english literatue

Google translator…..

What joke and is no hope
My father actually send me a text
to translate for him,
I´m the hym,
He made my one neuron work overtime,
but at least I own him that dime.
It´s all about the politics in Spain,
He sends me his writing on it in Spanish and below the google translation,
so had my one neuron working to the english-ing
but not all that hard really, it comes natural to me,
to not only see the gramatical errors but to see the whole context of what he is
trying to express in a very rational way to the world. He does has published
a book that was translated to Chineese, no punt intended. Or evil intent.
Not all that easy for most people to get all those intricate political details in a context
that makes sense and true and then me figuring out the context and how to write it for him
in English. I do go back and forth to google when I think this word or that word is spelled like
this or that and at the same time having in mind what he wants the message to be,
always been pretty good at it really. Actually some of my translations are in his web,
he is quite the figure in political circles,
that was not a ficticious of others cronicles.
Point being- He made my one neuron think, now is tired
lets get hired? Google translator sucks. I´m your google art, and fart, this is called my art.

I really have ADD

Puta zorra guandorra (that was some sense of Spanish)
Fucking bitch (you are a whore for fucking guys to get past next month,
then in my fathers Facebook I´m your boyfriend, you kidding me? I might not be the smartest
obivously, but you really fucked that one up,saying I´your boyfriend to the world, in another
environment that is way far from yours? You fucking dummy,I could care less about you fucking,
thankfully you didn´t pass me AIDS.
Do they now get condoms on the pharmacy?
Fucking whore, keep on reading this and trying to destroy me,
not happening.
wax on was off or turn on off the switch but be prepared no only from that threat,
That simple for me. Truly.
Gonna watch a porn or maybe read poetry, I think is best the poetry.
Add, always curious on all things, yet have to know when to shut it down,

The gladiator

I enter the arena
call her just a Nina,
they think I´m a ninja
no, that was my charisma
making,the baking of words.
Making the unwritten then written,
so call collect
get a nasty wordly duet
and latter enters the gladiator
writing like a rhythmic terminator
about-for you to decide and improvise
but could be your demise….

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Walking away from you

My heart beats boom boom boom
You make me get a broom
At high rate speed heart goes zoom zoom zoom
Makes me want to sweep with my other broom

You are adding gasoline to my fire
I´ll just cut the wire

I´m walking away from you
Seems now the sky is blue

Interesting adventure
Didn’t paid good dividends your nature

I´m easily walking away from you and Happy Valentines Day.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the messenger

If you don´t dominate the messsage, you are easily manipulated,
the message contains information and is a specific creation.Point.
Translate that to the everyday life, sometimes I prefer to not get the message
and let them think… so I just screwed up the first sentences. Or was that me giving you a message. Period.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The duet

sing me a song
that I got wrong
didn´t do what she did yet I came out strong
try to destroy me
makes me annoyingly
and you won´t be able to winning “Le”
you put up to much angry worry
the duet
you might regret
the chips are already set
underestimate you did
bad deed
for you
i do got the overal clue
or..my duet with people smarter than me
and telling me your fucked up strategy
so I ain´t have a worry

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.