english literatue

close your eyes

I don´t want you to close your eyes
To end up in paradise
The sad reality
Is that gravity
I can only say that I will be there
When you close your eyes with no glare

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


crazy-dummy and yes, the blue moon rises? have some wit
i can slip
also a mess
too good
what the fuck…
problem is I´m writing this for the public this crazy thing,
thinking is a bling!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

oooooooo! Janice

O Janice don´t you see?
it´s just me.
I´m just swinging it here with letters,
but the experts call them “Stream of Consciousness”,
they are right about poetry rules, but dispite, I´m prone to brake rules,
I know them and then I become un-rules
as well as your curls, as well as my baby girls
OOoooooooOO, Janice don´t you see?
it is for you and he.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the u.s marines

Not exactly a human being, but it is the mascot of the U.S Marines.
Told you before, I know you all remember that I have two friends
in the Marines, better said they where in the Marines. We´re getting old.
I went to the Spanish Legion and our mascot is a goat. Not kidding.
A male goat which is named ¨carnero¨. (people confuse the two)
If is a female goat it is called ¨cabra¨. The thing is that in Spain there is
a saying, Estas como una cabra-translation in english ¨You are nuts¨.

I´m litteraly waiting for a woman
Called me twice
With her phone device
Since I´m a humanitarian
I decided to give her my heart that is totalitarian
I have no clue what, is this poetry?
Has something to do with a freaking bulldog and the US Marines
Hold it there, my brain will pick it up as I´m writing in the second
just testing myself to see if i could write without pulling the fingers
out of the key board and then put on the ringers

It came!
Why I love the U.S Marines.
It will make you cringe,
who the fuck do you think does all the heavy fighting?
who the fuck do you think has not only the man power but also the technology?
Also Boooooso, the money to pay for that, what-whom?
I should join one of those people in the Vatican’s
Point being,
after the heavy duty fighting crazies ( not me by the way)
we spanish are like the reserve unit
we get shot here and there by some shitfaces we didn´t care
we see and do our job
to my reminder was no NGO called Bob
without water in days of over 40 degrees
and trembling knees
get blown up
shoot to kill
pissed off so you do it with a pleasure will
compared to the US guys they are the ones who do beare the brunt of the fighting.
you are American, say thanks for those guys.
I certainly did, to myself that is, no pussy wussy weakness to outward grow,
at the end of the day they were the main show.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


go not slow
makes me ill
if you don´t have the will
i can understand though..
i can empathise
but i have to realise
if i don´t look out for me it would be my demise
doesn´t mean
i´m a mean person
i probably save more life´s than you all put together
so now i´m ¨making friends¨
tired of being or acting mostly as a underdog
who lost his hog
i saved you
i´m the hero of my movie
i did save people in rea life
just comes out of the person
it comes or doesn´t,
THAT I KNOW, hold on….¨sniff sniff¨, sorry just sniffing blow
but being crazy
is why you read this muchy muchy sexy

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.