english literature

What´s changed?

Mother and Father asked me “what has changed?”
I looked at father a simply said, “I´m back”.
Take the fucking pack
Smoke some snack

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses (yes you gentesses are inferiour… 😉 no politcal correctness here)
Plus you know I love you, specially women by the way, I also love guys in another way that is,
but…. got myself a snot.

Have a great Sunday gents and gentesse… I did fucking repeat myself, damn with this coron and hospital,
mom is still alive though, so that is good, now the crazy self proclaimed girlfriend on my fathers facebook
is still calling, so I just put on the music

which by the way my mother loves that series and the music, but she is unresponsive,
so got the other crazy one calling me telling me how bad she feels for my situation…. yep,
you feel bad, specially trying to put me in prison for you lies, very bad you feel, this bitch,
I should not use the the B word, but for crying out loud, this woman I think she gets up
in the morning and inmediately start thinking how to screw other people up, not only me,
for now it seems I´m her primary target but she does it with everyone, just a narcissist-sociopath.
What has changed?

Stage IV cancer

Three and a half years since mother was diagnosed
It was a hard punch in the nose
Back in the hospital again
Only difference she won´t walk out this time
I sit next to her all day and watch her decline
Talk to father he has to move his own things making life keep going for him-
My mothers wishes for him within
And I´m watching a corpse pretty much
My head has wrapped around the idea such
She rarely has her lucid moments
Today it briefly happened they were my omens
Not easy to watch your mother becomming a cadavre slowy
Yet surely
But I´m unable to cry

Got internet now in the hospital so read ya´ll later you innovator.

The Marines

Holy crap,
I did not snap
Just the video scene of the Marine guy smoking and then putting his smokes on the pants,
remindedd of me, my freaking smokes were more important than the enemy I think….
You got to have a smoke before on operation, the down side is that you are
giving your smokes to all the others, fuckers….
Coooorona cooooo get the fuck out of here.
Holy, forgot I was going to say, but you do a behave,
(And it seems this has nothing to do with the Marines nor combat)
Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Mask alert!!!

Mask alert
You pervert
Yes you the government
Starting tomorrow if you don´t go out with a mask the police can arrest you
So mine will not be blue
The power this virus is giving the Spanish Socialist-Communist government
It is unprecedented
Yes put on the mask, so the virus sticks to it and you breathing it all day
as of today.
Forget about letting people go to work, no, the government will pay you
a shit pay but maybe you don´t end up in the street next month
for at least once.

Have a wonderful day.

ADD against women

Quarantine quaaaaaarantine…. give me a cantine
not in this house I´m living, the bitch or whore as you would like to say,
actually my own mother call her a whore(my self porclaimed girlfriend)
she actually will call me from the room next to my room and to say the least
not saying good words towards me, me? the HE!!!!
Funny story now, so many people entering and going in this whore house,
I tell my mother (I try to speak to her since she is in the hospital..doing her a favour?)
telling her how the insurence workers woke me up to patch some thins,
which is ironic in the vast sonic, there they are in the bathroom
so I had to do my dodo, long story short I tell this to Mama Rambo
and she says ” well, it is a public restroom”. So funny and I know her mind is working.
Forgot. Then I shut my brain and hover to a no bother….safe zone, apart from
being prepared in a nanosecond in case, I rest my case.


I read and eat…
Why the fuck is these guys coming to me with great ideas about blogs?
These guys and other ones, let battle be-guns (you scared piece of shit)
You fucking kidding me?
Let it be HE ( I am a bad Christian yet a Priest)
Let go yo ho, hole in the water yo no smarter,
actually they are smarter,
they are making money out of it.
Grand hit.

It´s not about blogs, it´s human behaviour so follow the money and me learning….. full stop.