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Spanish Corona Virus

“Everything is fine”.. Plus don´t panic and the usual.
“Everything is fine”… That was our Spanish government 2 weeks ago or so.
Now, over 70 thousand plus inffected, 7 thousand plus dead,
Now, the government is the one in panic.
I rarely panic, and not this time, but I prefer for them to tell me from the start
the possible gravity of the situation so then I can take precautions before hand.
Now I´m fucked. Banks are closed, I don´t have a credit card so I can´t take out money
and for how long! Spend 5 days without food, now I got it but am I going to be able to
walk into the bank next monnth and take out money to pay rent?
Everything is fine. It´s not! To many dead, and me fucked economically and who knows where
I end up next month. I don´t panic, I stay frosty but it´s not “Everything is fine”.
The whole system is collapsing. Guess is not only in Spain.

Plus the police walking around in cars telling people by megaphone not to get out of the house. Nice


Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

five line story

A black professor entered a politics class, fhe first thing he said to students was,
“Look at the elephant in the room”. He wenty on about his businnes of teaching,
finished his class on politics,and asked them several not deep questions.
But most sutdents remembered:The elephant in the room.
I don´t belive people are dummies so you can have that example in your day to day life.

Thank you

I´m not poltically correct and I swear too much plus I´m not a loveable person.
But-when necessary: I do perform in extreme circumstances…. Kind of weird I guess.
But is what it is, thank you for reading and following this CRAZY blog.
I don´t wonder about the statistic( this is for you my friend, another blogger
seemed his life was about that, live life and social media is not your life,
go figure if this one gets it) statistics please, I just wonder not even that much
to tell the truth, I get into wordpress and type some crazy shit. That´s it.
Thank´s again Sir and Sirees.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.