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fucking drug dealer(diary!)

They all know me (unfortunately) and where I live, it is a small town plus I got another
drugdealer pedlling his shit from the room that is about 15 meters from mine. Anyways this
other drug dealer named Enrique says I owe him 75 euros. It might be true actually, but I still
remember the time when he had a big ass guy getting me from the back closing my arms and Enrique
is going through my pokets and got 25 euros from me. So today at 8 p.m I walk down to the supermarket
I hear a yell I turn and here comes Enrique. He is the bad sheep of the family (like me) I know
his brother, great guy. Hard working guy in the world of selling (legal things that is) and he paid
for the whole nigh the party. Now his little brother Enrique….Little 27 he has, so I go up 10 years
up on him, I walk down to the supermarket, I hear his voice, I turn he comes we talk…..
Suddenly a punch in my left cheek I didn´t even move it was a weak punch. I just look at him and actually
told the guy ” go again”.
Lessons learned for me, the next time I´m the one that has to act first, I know how he fights.
Although I don´t want to go to prison now when my mother is cáncer ill.
Lessons for normal people- quite obvious you know it, don´t get drugs and specially get in debt with a
drug dealer there is consequences. I can deal with this nutjob, phisically that is,he gave me a punch
and when I just looked at him and calmly said “go again” he knows what my true reaction can be.
And I actually smiled at the idiot.
Another lesson-smile at life! And never let people bother you,
your choice how not to let them.

Stay Frosty gents and gentessses

battle of internet words!-poem(long)

(won´t bother you more with my writing, I did figure out a way to get into internet and read you)
I got this one, and people who read me I think they know me a bit,quite a lot actually.
I did say some bad comments but only when I feel that they are bullshitting me in the open of my eyes,
you can read it if you want.
Then I got the other nutcasehttps://whyevolutionistrue.wordpress.com/
whow blocked my comments since they are rational but not to him, and I do not like to put up
the peoples blog but I feel I need to defend me. In WordPress…. go figure this one out.
His comment was “You´re going from this site pal, rudness like yours is not excusable and don´t
let the door hit you on the behinds) Paraphrasing there but that is word almost for word what the
other idiot said from another site. With all my day to day shit I do really have to hear this idiot?
Yes, On the first post I said rude things, yes am I perfect? No, but I had my reasons and profussely
apologized to the Blogger and then came in this other one with his “don´t let the door hit you in the ass”
You punk. Hope I see him face to face. Punk ass, I let it rest cause I´ll get the nerves.
I was going to post a poetry and now I feel like I have to defend myself…
but here goes the poetry!

Mother I´m stuck in a town that is not fun
Do the drug dealers bother me? And the one living 15 feet in the next room to mine?
Answer is NO.
I could send them a by by.( I know you don´t want you to hear this but is my expression art)
Yet I figured out to stay with my computer for now
And if it is not now, I write pen and paper somehow.
I know I chose this
I also know I saved your life, so something good I have to be doing
I´m not perfect
Mother please will you see….
(Not really in her eyes but that is good for me and she is right I could be doing more)
Still bothers me the kid drugdealers…. not because I know them( I know their fathers)
they know me they know where I live e.t.c
bothers me I didn´t follow what mother said, yet again I didn´t followed her said to go to the army…
but that´s a big contradiction, but maybe you go it. Forgot, and that I could´t write she said…
not good writing for sure but something. And now with cáncer who the fuck you think is taking care of her
“most of the time”…… Yes, not perfect at all, but in this shit town there is a respect code if you will,
and yes I took care and will take care of my mother that is 100%, she even makes forget me the alcohol.
Being and experience the army infantry deployed life, this fucking drug dealers know better. Fuck!
Now I feel better, I actually put a barricade in my room, I walk out and in the house with a knife,
almost stabbed one, so that was a great one….although he and five more Marrocans
tried to steal from me and hit me.
Mother forgive me if you can, I won´t go to jail while you are here to stand.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Underestimate the king(bombarding you with posts)

I should say that since 5 a.m I have been reading you all…not all but since 5 to 11 a.m
quite a few I should add. And great reads I also should should add. This is my last one.
Except one poetry I have saved for later on, I don´t know when internet is going down in
this shit house so I get them all out.
I´ll bore you, but Messi the soccer-football player,
it is quick in some scenes they put up, but watch the guy,
he doesn´t touches the ball to make “la jugada” (don´t know the name in english)

underestimate this one like the first commentator. Underestimate that is the key Word.

9 days no food

This is what I want, no money so no honey for food, cigarettes but no regrets.
I did fuck up yet again, I´m quite great at giving advice to people about overcoming and shit
right? Well not all that great at applying it to me. So after seeing that my body is not the
same as before as in that photo taken probably 5 years ago, I fuck it up with alcohol,
money to alcohol all my mind upside down in a bottle, this is what I get a wallow wallow.
But cry me a river, I do have a little room, a Little stove, internet, t.v, so doing pretty
good overall. Even my father said he´d help me transfering me some money, problem is that
since my credit card is in their house, here in Spain if you want to get money off the teller
it has to be before 11.a.m so now is 10 a.m and all this is me corresponding with him through
Gmail since they stole my phone, making the poor man walk to some bank. All because of the alcohol,
I need food man, I walk through the streets stumbling, I can feel the weakness sliping into each bone.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I´ve got cigarettes!

Had the help of my “cool” friends the drug dealers,
there are too many in this town, and 15 meters from my bedroom.
Play me the groom.
Also managed to “get” money for the bus for tomorrow,
I have no food but I´ll be able to see my mother and laugh “wallow wallow!”
Tomorrow, make her day and she makes mine. No food no money no nothing that
normal people care for. Got internet for now and a bedroom.
Cigarettes make me bloom! While I polute the earth! And me,
did end on a “e”.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.