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Mr. Garrett got me, thankfully I realised I´m not alone. I live not in a “cool” life that I can walk to “these” people and talk about writing, just not. So in my head WordPress it is my familly of writers. The others…. it really bores me. And don´t ge me wrong, I had Jobs….. you name any and I had done, but I´m an artista, that´s my primary job.



One whom dreams, through feelings Inside that make their way to the surface,

Thinking, always thinking about that which lives around us, possibilities of hope.

From the heart of a poet comes neverending thoughts and wishes spilled out,

With the skill and gift given to write from the heart, a pen moves with the hand.

The writing never has to stop as there are thoughts and scenes seen from a mind that dreams,

The heart of a poet lives In many a person and there are those who don’t yet see.

From me to you and every heart that has many stories to tell, from the heart of a poet.

Keith Garrett

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Reality is truly a neutrality,
only difference is how it affects you.
You have control over that,
I have no money…miserable or not then?
I have enemies….thank goodnes
I feel the bless
I´ll crack a joke with a hen
and let the show begin-

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Very well written ( she has the advantage of being a teacher though……) and positive, that´s what I like to see, hear and read after my “battle” with the other nutcase of last night.

But I Smile Anyway...

Colleen’s Tanka Challenge:

Wishing life away
Is simply not an option
Grab it by the horns
Treat every day as a gift
Unwrap new joy each morning

Ritu 2019

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3.24 a.m rambling

I know yoooooo bro….
Thank goodness I´m sober,
just pissed off and un-afraid
and I do know a little about me
and yes in this situation I will be your nightmeare
without a beer, actually I also have to laugh if not…
sorry dear, not kidding trust me on that, killed be killed,
doesn´t bother me, yooooo be!or b?
still the jokester though…
I can and if I truly want can destroy these people… Just a written
pissed of thought….at 3+ a.m. Jeeeeesus. Out of here, to my written world.
Basically for me and I guess for most you people is….live your life,
a happy one that you want and can afford and can just do it. Not impossible,
it seems, but not waking up a 3 a.m pissed off, not cool didn´t went to
school, but I do write and the idiot saying and fucking and the other one
fucking him (which it the least I really couldn´t care less about the fuccking)
but don´t throw out that you stab people, fuck you Brazil, he is from Brazil
so I just call him brazil, punk, the Good thing is that HE thinks HE knows me,
then got the other crazy bitch, snorting cocaine so my guess is ….pissed off,
snort all you want but don´t try, the key Word is try, fuck with my head,
not working.
Yep, I have a hard time sleeping and not because of this, I swear to God
and that is not easily said for me.
And then the so called ” Ana Maria”, my landlord, this person lost all my respect
after really knowing her, and thanks to the Brasil guy….mode to destroy.
Damn, this was therapy so see? No fights as the Brasil idiot likes,
but who knows… do or die and that is MY Semper Fi.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the artist within me

You want to read a Tanka, Serenyu, a booo!
I can write that, and not all that bad… I did say not all that bad,
so I have a hat
that I take on and off from time to time
for the rhyme,
gives me pleasure
breaking rules takes out my pressure
and I don´t come close to a normal writing meassure
comma here, the point there, the word here or there,
It´s pure joy and freedom,
that was a comma at the end….

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.