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What’s with the fights?

Here we go…or not go, point being this was the last fight

Na, not really there have more, and guess who against?….fucking marrocans,
they sell drugs, they fight but won’t back down.
So the point, is that I have to fight them off.
How in the world can I avoid them if they live just infront of my house?
As off right now I got 5 stiches in my left eye, wich is the same that
the other gave me, yep, in the left freaking eye. I look like a donousour.
Point being…. I’m not a racist obviously, my best friend is marrocan,
forgot thay I was in the army you silly, another point…. won’t give up,
but some come into my coutry to sell drugs and get the benefits of the social security,
hell yes I’ll fight them until I die.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses….holy! look at this beautil person, I shoud
stay mor like that… I guess

The man with OCF

There was once a man
Called Marlychan

He was imperfect
Had more than one defect

He had addiction problems
Alcohol and drugs made him homeless

Now he is sober
And is not a full time ogre

But…..he still suffers from OCF!!!
The man is an Obsessesive Compulsive Flirt
But…sexing and flirting beats the Alcohol and drugs
Is what he says to himself while he nods

Today is a great day
For him to stay
Snuggled inside his home
With the sexy landlord which he´ll take to Rome

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Was gonna write…something

I have to much,
to write too deep
then you can flip out,
and go to a shady street
so, my “poetry”
is not conventionality
what do you do think of this irony,
please, please, please, tell me the truth
i dare you, in the good sense i wanna know,
so here we go
just starting
i will be flipping
haha or ha wo ha, or, he he he
do not stare
I´m the son of Tony Blair
except I have that much of that British hair

I was gonna write something….

Stay Frosty gents and gentesess.

absolutely no clue what to write plus I´m bored

No clue what to write in that little short story I was in,
so I decided to screw it and now begin, to… do
the Scooby Doo!
Silly Silly is willy nilly
I´m bored
I didn´t score-yesterday
so now is today
my way
get the hell out of this house
kill a mouse….
I hate PETA
I hate…I just hate, I´m the hater
they call me the alligator
or fornicator? Forgot which one.
Damn, I´m bored……just in case somebody wanted to know
say, wow wow! put your hands up in the air
I love Tony Blair…… damn, this was a random post

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.