English Litrature

I’m on a diet

Since I’m not drinking I’m seeing my belly grow, you know?
Since I’m not drinking anxiety sometimes trumps creativity.
SInce I’m not drinking cigarettes become my great anti stress.

So, I’m going on a diet! And you better not laugh and stay quite,
since that was my meal this night, three grapes….. i actually have weigh them,
it’s one gram, sadly and is quite madly that i’m weighing each portion,
wich really is a bit of distortion.

3 grapes
3 grapes
I’m gonna start looking like those freaking apes

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Stirring the hornets nest

On my behalf
i invite you to take my shaft
so you can maybe see
what for most is unseen
more than a hundred degrees
clouds the tiniest breeze
and making bullets flying nearby sound like bees
smell of cordite
just sitting in the air for one soul to bite
sticky red thing
everyone calles it a bloody scene
then a dead contorted body
looking like a manikin from a screwed up story
the smell of putrefaction
not the most appealing to my nose sensation
the bastards will take a rest
and go on to stir up even more the hornets nest
that´s  one of the many of tests
where they excel the bests

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.