english shit

Fucking gays

I thought the title was good? but I´m not sad,
So having a “conversation” with the idiot about his LBGTQ,
or whatever they call themselves now, still figuring out about the Q,
you people keep on adding letters, you people….stay with that ” you people”
My uncle was gay, he died of aids, I was there for him till the end. Saw him died.
The word for these people is GAY, for me it was a person. You play on emotions,
You didn´t get the part of the comment about how great he was, and how he drove me nuts,
like all people, and never understood since it does not goes with your narrative, how I loved
this man. Have you ever washed him? Have you ever been for months in the hospital with him?
For months! Seeing him die slowly, he did laugh at my jokes, you people are also jokes.
Have you ever saw him pucking blood? Punck ass bitches. I just threaten them.
Having my life, my threats are not BS.
You do not cross that line, not even my mother,
which I sent her to another place that is not near me,
you cross my moral line, you are done. Not being cool, just truth.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.