english writing

I can’t live without you

You are smarter than me
You are truly beautiful inside and out
You are the best thing that has happen to me

So hit!!!
i love you
like a dummy i’m amuse
you hate things that i do
Jeeesus,you’re a pain in the neck
since i’m a wreak
and you make me
to be
not so much of that be
you got me
and stinging like a bee
i can’t live without you
because of the love you give me
i know you do see
the love that i know i can give you
simple, i just love you

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


I´m just a weirdo

The day to day events for me is no pretense, of…. doing anything
about this and that thing.
Now, if I get the news of my family being in trouble
I find myself in my bubble wich is to get my head straight,
get my act together, and my hands don´t tremble.

I just do what I have
to do to support them and I might add also me. I am a fuck up, but
once the shit hits the fan, you better want this fuck up to be there.
Is a strange dichotomy that I have, I can be a screw up when things are “O.K”
And when they are not, then I go to what I call my “robotic mode”, I know
I have to do X Y and Z. So then, lets gets going.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.