Sorry for not reading you….but,

In mother house
They don´t have internet
went to the “locutorio”
which is a place…..
Actually you are the ones who should apologise to me
I´m that silly.
Hope to read you all soon, you alligator but I´m the innovator.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

there was a woman

there it is, like a perver-ti
there was once a woman
that go the boot so she is not human,
comma,yo! I ,put her in a cooma,
o,just saying I `put a cooma, comma,comma
Stay….gonna look at statics is in my sixties. Ponit, so is not a comma? Weird.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesse

get a pair of balls

Now that I’m angry I fell hungry,
for me that would me be it,
the fucking pair of balls?
feeling sorry for myself,
that is a disgrasse in a nutshuellf
writing this as it comes to mind
no proofreed or other shit behind,
where are my balls?
did i for got them?
fuck you , fuck you and fuck you too,
going back, i just did it once so i can do it twice
so nice, and that is the fuck it is,
going crazy now

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The diplomat

He asserted he was a diplomat
Just when people had to be static looking at the map
that is….,,,,..
He read some sarcastic diminishing comments to him
He had to say to himself “Sorry Kim”
He could go off
After he choke you and you through a cough
Is one session….
That he doesn´t have one real reason
You make him mad
You could end up a bit sad
Hidding behind computers and bullshiting
He doesn´t get it unless doing something of creativing
Just he asks to not pull his leg of whatever he said
Since….this sounded like a threat from him
no! Kim!
Fuck you idiot you comment shit on me,
and trust me better have the balls to come for me
will kill you, slap you, whatever if you get on my
wrong side, and I am a good person but don´t take
being a good person for saying shit like that,
you have no idea what i can do to you. Punk.
You can call the spanish police and find where I am, no
worries chief. Shit face, and now I do feel better.
See? No harm at the end, hopefully.
So, I´m not really a diplomatic guy.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


in the stock Exchange
in my crazy brain that´s strange
is necessary
to be the greatest commissary
my thoughts are not sporadic
nor i act like an addict
this is a well thought out process
not too much not to less so you don´t stress

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
Freaking happy Monday!!!! Get up and go to work with a smile!