Englsih Literature

loving life

Jesus, what the hell of a picture I put up….
So here is my theory, you got a 5 second window,
start counting from 5 to 0 and you just have to do it,
whatever it might be for each person, but is the 5 seconds
that you move or not. And then even as you all know obviously,
you got to love life, with all the punches it comes at you,
gotta love it.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


eject bullet!!

Pull on the trigger
With vigor
See that? See nothing, look at that, what?
Pull it, is kind of cute and rude
Aiming the shot, is quite a lot
is not either rocket science but you have to have to have
on our behalf the fundamentals, wich are quite mentals.
Take a deep breath, and spit out the cartridge full of death
and actually will leave you a bit deaf.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Great support

So mother here is going to get near with a “friend” I met on wordpress here, quite
some years ago. I introduced them, like one hen to another hen. So it seems they hit it off,
that was fun enough, but this girl from wordpress calls my mother her second mother, and to me
that is absolutely not a bother. I feel great, my mother has that effect on people, she is just
a persons persons.
Now, mama mama told me this, you are not going to see her when she comes to my country.

I have one for you.

I am a fuck up
after being a drop out
but i did my job
not only with my army drug
but in civilian
life was kind of strife.
I did save 4 lifes, and to be quick
and not so slick I did save people walking around
when everybody passed around.
Last time I checked I was going up the steps and see this onehundred and ninety year old man,
who could barely move his hand,
out of all the people walking up and down
it was me that got in the low grownd and
asked ” Need help sir? Hold on to me”. You just do it, don’t think about it, you know bee?
I’m still the fuck up, but fuck no I aint letting you be
ashamed of me, why? Becuse they are rich fuckers and are “normal”,
fuck that, I’m not a rat. Sorry woman, that is the deal, try to do your own steal.
Support you did, but not this one, and I understand, but fuck no I’m not being ashamed
because they are rich have great computer skills and bunch of… whatever, fuck that.
I should be just a rat….

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


There is a quote from a famous writer,
“writers can change the world”.
I got a quote of mine “fuck that shit”.

Maybe these guys, like a bunch of other hard jobs make the world spin,
called…… ROUGHNECKS.

Hard manual labour
Is societies saviour
The name is called in a bunch of industries
Not glamorous nor pretties

How in the world the drain system works?
I assume you’ll repair it yourself while washing in the nice jets

The name it is associated with a drilling ring,
so without them forget your car and start to sprint.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Inside paradise

I threw the dice
and they ended up in paradise.

My mind makes wonders
and pretenders.

Bad people
In a nice good envelope sequel.

Just watch them
and play along as if they are your friend.

Just only to realise,
that their world is not paradise.

Take it as it comes and for me it says….. what the fuck was I going to say?

So I have this girlfriend that is fucking anything that moves in Spain, people
see me and tell me, what the fuck are you doing with this girl? I just nod and don’t give
away my magic knot.
I’m inside my paradise with hopefully and not really, there will be at the end my grand price,
in my home head paradise.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Is so absurd, how people take me to every word.
If they realise my thought are sporadic hence is why i’m and addict.
Let it hit to the beat and the street,
believe it or not my mind is not all that blind,
pen to the paper
makes me a creator
i love my mother
and each other
love is the theme
of my great minding

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.