Englsih Literature

angels deserve to die

2 30 a.m
i ate my piece of ham
don´t want to hear that spot
would like a cream pot
so angels deserve to die
driving me nuts
is as such
i live right next to three clubs
that´s a lot of speaking
did i get over there and stare
that would be a bit rare
not so,
specially if you got a tool that will cut your through
will then,
the shut the ha hu up,
by 130$ a month that i pay for this room
i should be thankful really
but i hate the sound of the bars silly
did i went there with a knife?
you can bet on that and they called the police
and i don´t even have a wife, they did that piece
so that was smart and nice….of me.
Just can´t help it, pisses me off.
I am an angel of death,so I do disserve to die,
sometimes anyways but they push me and i will go my ways.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Master of blues

John Lee Hooker
was not an onlooker
he was mad
maybe sad
he said “I´m going to warn you”
the man eventually ate his blue
he may shoot you and cut you and drown you
he doesn´t know and he don´t care
I just be with one scare
he is bad
but singing a ballad

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I´m free

hey you i did not wake up in jail
so here i am to say……
by the way
what a sexy woman was the judge today it all comes down to paying
just saying, to the man i broke the window
to get a glass of milk
the man, i wanted his cell phone or phone to say i was sorry
but i guess he wasn´t that worry
so i´m free
not in jail hanging by a tree
or knocking someone out oh he
I´m free!!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesess.

Dance to the beat

I´m the great white hope
so said the Pope
survival of civilisation
lays in the hands of my elation
and, i ain´t moving from my workstation

Beat to the Beat
i feel the heat
move till you tweet
the name of a cool street
so dance to the beat
until you hear her squeak
i´m journing with you
out of the blue
be there holding your hand
to the promise land

I´m the great white hope
even without my great green dope
so, i´m, dancing to the early morning beat
even if i skip
my morning knit
since, i had to save humanity
from Darth Vader´s insanity
Now, dancing to the beat
cause i wont quit

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Bass Reeves

Born into slavery
a, God devoted man
his clear moral compass made him see good from bad-
at an early age he escaped from his white master,
An Arkansas legislator
who was an evil perpetrator-

he escaped into indian territory, now
called Oklahoma, and with quite another history
of bravery.
Indians tought him;
tracking, sniping and land navigating

Civil war erupted-
old Reeves enlisted in the Union army showing his bravery
against white supremacy

After the war,
a white judge who saw eye to eye-
with him, about the good and the bad
and in between, his valued skills appointed him- to become
the only black out of two hundred U.S deputy marshalls
working west of the Mississippi river with a pair of revolvers,
capturing outlaws behind red tainted walls

Over three thousand arrests
in his manifest
forgotten in history
that is the tragic irony.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The train is coming

I hear the train is coming
is coming down the lane,
i don´t see any sunshine, but just rain

I´m stuck in my heads prison
and, i´m full of shame

to live in this world
i see it so absurd-
i went out and did the unheard,
i coldly shot a big fat drunk-
just to see him die,
put him inside my trunk, and
drove away

I hear the train is coming
and this is torturing me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I don´t know why….

I don´t know why when cooking and I mess up I go ballistic
I don´t know why when standing in line and it takes forever I go frantic-stic
I don´t know why when I see a person dying on me I´m calm and do the job I had been
trained to do while I shoot, scoop, move and communicate
I don´t know why in three occasions in the civilian life when I encountered
people in very bad shape and everybody either panicky or they just freeze
I don´t know why I immediately react to help those in bad shape and actually
saved two lives, they should fucking give me a civilian medal so I can pedal
in a good bike that I would name Mr. Spike
I don´t know why if my computer fails I scream all my tails
I don´t know why when the real shit hits the fan, I´m calm
I dont know why…. hey psychologist I´m saying, hi!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.