enlgish literature

Up we go!

I think the song was talking about me
7. a.m. Couldn´t sleep and the last post was nearly 3 in the m, hemmmm…..
Time to go to work,
no drinking
I´m king
Go to see mother
Have to there is no other
Fuck I do really want a drink…
Can´t so I´ll just smile and wink

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. Have a great day! Smile.

A beautiful mind

That´s me, to be what is to become a flowered tree
I have a bunch of poems written on paper, but decided
to not use them to post them so screw´em, so this is
my beautiful mind writing without trying to pause and
that has to be for some cause as we have evil paws, some,
anyways, some otherways and this is a solid poem.
Just going off the whatever you call it, but is no
small croquet, try it since it´s nice and you don´t have
any price to just write out of the blue as the
beautiful mind I have, but you have to unwind in some
kind of…whatever, but never say never.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.