enlish literature

fuck you(peom one)

I wanted to rhyme, but I will not commit this crime.

Stop following me people, am I that interesting?
You can give me your phone number to texting….
another rhyhe,
Now lets be serious, how many people are following me?
Believe it or not, actually is a not, it´s 3.078?
If I got that figure correct. I do promise and I do not know why,
I don´t pay attention to the statistics, followers, viewers,
I just write dumb shit, yet again,
humans are humans, what do I need to write dumb shit and publish,
publish….sounds right. Human nature.
I was going to make a very deep pi di di point,
and as i´m writing i´m hearing my next door roomate,
hooooot! is waking up after her last night, since i´m sure is her laaaaaast night.

Shit, and now I heaar she is calling his Italian boyfriend…Italian but it seems
she likes Spanish stallion, or greek stallion, or… just one of those.

So fuck you, got out off topic, I have….I´m drunk.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

What´s wrong with you women

Been in the army, Spanish Legion.
I´m a hero.
I did two deployments, the second one we had to volunteer,
strange in the eyes of Americans, you put your hand up and you got paid 3$ thousand a month.
Having said that, I´m obviously not the brightest
but I will always be a mammas boy, she kicked me out at the age,18, evil.
Time to grow up….. sort off, funny thing is that I have experience things in my life that,
you will never do or see and glad about that, but still a kid at the same time.
What is wrong with certain women that is,
My mother raised me,
I´ll probably always be her kid,
but later on there are some type of women,
that it seems they like to fuck me, you want a daddy? You want a kid?!!!!
Holy sprit, but obviously I can´t complain.


hero of…. the universe!

Yes believe it or not that is me, I was that crazy.
Technically a mercenary, since the state paid my services,
in two very comfortable countries.
I only have that photo of me to post, and that is enough.
You see the other idiots back in the Humvee as Americans call it,
we had an even cooler name ¨The VAMTAC¨, it was designed for a strategic unstratigical map.

I was in charge of those idiots behind me, got the photo taken and not because I asked for,
and go figure what my, my, idiots are doing. Probably acting if they are doing something,
so nothing, quite intense heat to say the least, and me the other idiot pulling guard.
Fucking idiots those 4 guys I was in charge off, yes crazy priest did do that.
Love you guys my crazy idiots and start learning english.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

get a pair of balls

Now that I’m angry I fell hungry,
for me that would me be it,
the fucking pair of balls?
feeling sorry for myself,
that is a disgrasse in a nutshuellf
writing this as it comes to mind
no proofreed or other shit behind,
where are my balls?
did i for got them?
fuck you , fuck you and fuck you too,
going back, i just did it once so i can do it twice
so nice, and that is the fuck it is,
going crazy now

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Is my fault…I think

Yes, I’m lazy
when in my head you are crazy
but no,
it is me
that is not the normality
not only girls,
they bore me when then talk, and talks, talk, talk,
sorry, to me it sounds like a crazy rat quack.
But it’ s my fault,
after all,
I should put more into to listen to some of you
but you also got to understand my postion,
there is no decision there, is my cruel incission,
so I do and I will try to do my best obviously on my behest,
but either you love for who I am or not, with my goods and my bads,

I can be a sweethear *I don’ t know how to put the commas, fucking cumpiter”
and I can be just, me, and I hope, I always take the example of my parents
they couldn’ t be more different, but my mom the out going type of gal,
and my father more reserve, yet funny in his own way, got along for
…….45 years, and my old man still makes my mom laugh, specially in
the monring, that is something to see really, so to my girl,
do not expect the world, do not expect the perfect, do not expect life
to be on you side, so
just live it and roll with it and have fun

Hope you’ re read that and got some….fun, cause you are not a nunn
so do not act likek that shit, just live life. Period, in my .. say heyyyy!

Stay Frosy gents and gentesses.

P.S. I’ m fucking freezing.


I just stall…
sorry again,
I got….the..King,
let me sting
while whipping my golden ring
sub the culture
lived in that nature
fucking creature
was a pleasure
got in
then bitches and drugs
got me the hugs
number one lesson
and before that I had gone through
some military crazy….booo!
family first
and the dog by the way
so that is all I have to say.
Survival, of me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.