erotic poem

alert! hot roommate

Woooooosa! Damn,this new Colombian chick is hot,(that´s just me not the girl,happy me)
i have to put her in my prepared stew pot
i think i´m a sex addict……..
a bit of a mischievous bandit
what a hottie this one, yeeeeeeeeha!
her italian ¨boyfriend¨
sorry in the end
not much of a boyfriend will be my guess
although i´m just a horny mess

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

about a girl

Look at that hot woman!!!

So here goes the ¨poem¨

6 years I have known you
And that is one truth

Calling me you
At 6 a.m because of time difference
I took up the call,
and nothing but a great fall.

For normal people is, well, normal.
For the life I chose to live is abnormal.

Really? I can talk with a hot girl without thinking….
Sex, not really I´m a guy. But she found my dismay,
lets go quick here, I put my mother there, now she calls her
¨second mother¨, wich now my mother having to battle cancer
she gives her something that I can´t give.
She came to see my mother here in Spain, there was a dissapoint,
because of me, you did have no wannabe, seeing and talking to me
face to face, it is another story.

She is one of the best persons I know, she is smart, hardworking,
and more important she makes my mother happy.

I didn´t forget, she came to see us with her husband, great man really.
Krupal, that is his name, a great man, specially if you can put up with her (joke).

A great couple, wish them all the best….. Hey!The name of the blog is crazy of a life,
she sexy, hottie like Trudie

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Above 18 years or more, I just thought of mixing things up,
I think I did a decent job with this crazy thing
that I just wrote on the spot.

I know you love it,
my penis penetration
makes rattle all of your nation
then may even come a creation
but I won’t be there
so don’t get that scare
your choice
says my inside voice
but this penetration!!!!
i know, it is your inspiration.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.