when the sthit hits the fan…make millshake out of it

i have no clue
sort off trying to build your heart to a true

i do know something
i´m crazing

that two sentences or four
i`´m on an uproar!
so as you well know
life is tought ya know bro, but in the good sense yo

so this cancer of my mother made me realize something
i can do what i did before in my previous life
yes i will make the woman strife

taking care off her and ….when….the shit hits the fan
you can always make juice out of it
the cancer mother…. that shit will end up making you love your milkshake

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Tears are waiting

She covers her eyes with both hands
He looks her from top to bottom wondering
She ask why
He smugly says it’s going to be a goodby
She leans over
His ear to her mouth
“I’m sorry but your father and I have been having an affair”
The man drops to his knees and cries
Water pouring out of his eyes like cascades from the skies
“Whaat?!” I was the one who was going to dump you.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The time I held you in my arms

The sunset above
birds singing
you smiling
and me holding you in my arms
looking, at your truthful eyes…
i felt the pain in my heart
looking down
i saw the knife
stuck in my heart
and suddenly everything went black
when i came to
you where burning me alive
i asked you, why?
and you just waved good by
and walked away with my insurance and my best friend Sly.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

As darkness falls

As darkness falls
All my love
Goes down deep dark waterfalls

As darkness falls
I feel strange
I’m surrounded by dark walls

I can’t sleep
I feel deranged
The nightmares are very strange

There is a devil inside me
Which I can not get rid of the
And will not let me understand humanity

Just when darkness falls…

Stay Frosty gents and gentesesse.

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So here I am, in the morning
working the cigarette like a zing zang belive in what i stand
smoking is good i stand after in a bed that´s grand with the woman that i stand
Foto 313
as you enter the door or my room you see this, except without a dog usually
i am the normality
actually that is the woman
wich to tell you the truth is sort of superhuman
to the front of the entrance door
is my cool little nuke, as in nuclear where i do
….whatever i do there, i think it was writing but
go figure a picture, do you see anything strange there?
To your right as you enter the door is the..the this
after i get the girl and give her a kiss
Holy shooot snoot and and as you come out of the window you also see the
great church, and is great since the bells start ringing from 9 a.m every
freaking hour until 10 p.m so i might as well smoke dope and then eat ham
She came over and that was a great Discovery for her
the little freaking bear!
She wanted to see the priest and i did insist that it was me
she wouldn´t belive it
She wouldn´t believe it the little rascal
and thankfully she´s not a US Marshall i send her to sleep

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Let me introduce myself

Hi ladies and gentleman, specially gentlemen…DSCN2835
My name is Tina, the idiots of my handlers, ha, they think they are
able to handle me, bunch of troglodytes, well these idiots called me
Tina after the singer Tina Turner. That bitch, I´m way better looking
than her, check me out boys, e-mail me and I´ll give you my Facebook
page, but only for the hot gentlemen.DSCN2829
They keep taking photos of me, you like my teeth? White as pearls.
And the other day, that Charly guy, stupid idiot tried to confuse me
thinking that my pal to your left of the picture was actually a true one
like me, see?DSCN2800
That Charly, crazy…. I think he was drunk as a skunk,the imbecile thought
I thought that the ugly teddy bear was for real, yo Charly! Shout out to
you, you dumb sucker.
I just like to make his life miserable, I bite him everywhere and at every
opportunity I have, he has to learn to know who wears the pants in this
new relationship, yo yo yo!!! Me, I´m the queen baby!
Poor bastard tried to put a barrier around him while he was
pretending he was writing in that stupid computer of his that
gets internet whenever it wants to get it, even the computer owns
him, ha! Anyways he put this stupid barrierDSCN2833
but I got through, I always find holes and if not I bite myself through
walls if need be. It was a bit tiring so then I had a great
spanish siestaDSCN2838 I´m an English Bulldog, used to cold and rainy weather,
but I love the spanish siesta, one of the few things I like about
this country, it´s freaking hot here.
Anyways, glad to meet you all and……yo boys! Give me your cellphones,
I´m getting bored of being in this house all day.

Evil Christian

And the public know,
what all school children learn….

Those to whom evil is done
do evil en return
so they can learn
to take the right turn

Humans are humans
Eventually in one way or another
some sort of evil they will do as truants

I´m, believe or not a Christian
that is my coalition, I try
to be the best it is
at the same time I can become not a siss
Do evil to me….. unfortunately
you will see and feel the worst part of life´s deal.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses