falsh fiction

Social Media

Social media started as and advantage, yet as in hisotry of humanity people will find
a way to use it againt you. Not only me trust me.
Gotta be aware, and how to function about this thing… “thing”
For me was quite simple, got a guy named David (much others would be my guess)
that after I posted something about corona virsus linked with Chinesee government,
this David commented, not in a good way obviously ( people are poeple) but once
he said and obviously he had had to remember previous post that I myself forgot about.
once he started talking about my mother and hospital because of a deadly cancer,
my brain does not function like that, meaning that it is not in me to fuck you up,
but i do know this of me, you can be any place in the world and if i find you first
i will kill you,
you making smart ass comments like you think i don´t know…
and specially about my mother dying…
fuck you. I have nothing to hide nor i´m afraid
just is build in me not being to not being come after me not my mother you shit face
This fucking punk… once you ” subbtly” fuck with me in my mothers situation
you do become a mark man. My familly has their own security, not me and i will
swimm whatever it takes unless you kill me to get to you and kill you.
That is a fact. Trust me on that one. (like the little great whore, she is literally a whore,
named herself my girlfriend, no bitch I caught you and all the shit so if I go down,
calling my own mother a bitch was her words Yes, gonna call you and tell you
I will kill you, like this blogger ” David” whatever the fuck his name is. I just will,
I do know a bit about myself and consequences of the saying and writing.
(this was good writing though, in the part of editing… and more)
Now turning on the channel to the simpsons or porn!


Ready or not here I come
with a big some,
looking into my words
that I don’t rehearse
something is coming
that is outstanding
look it, you can’t understand
even if I wrote with my left hand
this is pure…shit, but I have fun with it
so i’ll let it stick

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Inside the iglue

If roses are red
And violets are blue…
why are we arguing within a iglu?
it’s cold here, cold there, you step
and you knock out with your head…. inside the iglue.
The iglue is cold, so people should understand to
never get yourself in that tiny iglue.
You might want to sell,
so there is no more people in hell.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,

I got to find something within

I got to find something within,
hence we begin…..
Stories and stories of nightmares,
but nobody will have their cares.
So is me and me,
at the end of the day you really are alone like in your own bike that you belong.
Fucking around with people, fights, heights.
That is not me,
I’m a product of the life I chose, you see?
But there is no excuses,
If not I would be a fake for telling too many excuses.

So I got to find something in me, to pull up and push further.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The Player

Photo credit Etol Bagal
Prompt by http://pricelessjoy.co/2016/01/12/fffaw-the-saloon/

People were cheering while he teased the little and skinny young man. The young
man hanged his head low, ball after ball was getting in the whole. They had bet
one thousand dollars and the big bulky man was already thinking of how he would
spend all that money. Was it going to be on booze or girls? Probably both. He
missed one play, but that didn´t bother him. The young skinny kid still had all his
balls to play. What an idiot the skinny kid with glasses was, the big bulky guy thought.
A rich kid from the university coming to his tavern and thinking he could get away
with a challenge, hell no this was his territory and he was going to make the skinny kid

Suddenly the kid, took of his glasses. One after the other the balls started to hit their
mark, one hole after another. He didn´t miss any play. The crowd suddenly was silence, the
skinny kid moved swiftly from one side of the table to another hitting and hitting and
making each ball drop on the hole. After he was done he took the money and walked out.
People just stared at each other with their mouths shut.

“That wasn´t all that bad.” The old man, with white hair said when the kid emerged into
the parking lot.

“Hey, what the hell old man, not all that bad? You couldn´t have moved as quickly as I did.”

He gave the old man his cut, fifty percent and they moved on to another bar. The kid
put on his glasses  again. Just another night of hustling.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Another good prompt by https://sundayphotofictioner.wordpress.com/2016/01/10/sunday-photo-fiction-january-10th-20

There was a loud knock on the door which jolted Billy from his bed. It had been a long and frightening
four day horse back ride acroos the wide open pastures of Wyoming until he had
reach the shack. Green pasture that now were drenched in blood.
He was the only only one of his gang to be alive.

He quickly got up from the bed and grabbed his gun and the rifle that was laying on
the wooden chair.

“Open up Billy, and come out with your hands up!” A booming voice came crushing through the

He knew that voice. His hands started to sweat, his heart was pounding hard in his ear
and his mouth was dry. But he managed to pull all his strenght and yell back, ” come and get me Wyatt!”

A barrage of gun fire is what came through the wood of the shed, later on they checked it out and
and there where fifty holes in the wood.The man ouside after a couple of minutes started to move
from behind the trees.

The next day, newspaper headlines accross the country read “Wyatt Earp kills Billy the kid.”