Antifa vs Poud boys(video…nice music)

Once you got an extreme group that started as Antifa, you will
get another extreme group being the so called Proud Boys.
This is nothing new, this has come from the millions of years people have
been operating.
Although I do like( since I myself) to see get these Antifa thugs kicked the shit out of them.
They are a very well organized organization, apart that they will stab you, bring bats, e.t.c
so once in a while after I myself is done fighting these dumb shit criminal marrocans,
I like to watch some of this. Then porn and disconnect. Or maybe read Shakespeare, more productive.
But if I am in a town full of Marrocan criminals, what do you expect? Like the Antifa Criminals,
they are no cevil discourse with them, they will punch you at the very least if not stab you,
translating it to me…. no, I already gone after these Marrocans fuckers and as they told me
before I hit two of them, ” WE OWN THIS TOWN” Are we the Spanish supposed to be afraid? NO.
This one is for you, YOU FUCK HEAD, probably see you later though, and you already know,
telling me you are in the Marrocan Mafia? What the fuck is wrong with you idiot, you know me?
No, give time to time and then you would hope you were never born. SHit forgot the video.
I´m out now. Read you all good people in wordpress and don´t to a depress, I need to read poetry.
Give time to time…. no so much time, but you won´t expect thought. (Holy shit, am I making
threats in public, well… hummmmmmmmm, the blog is called crazy life, maybe yes maybe no
so results will tell)

Hero horses

A great prompt by FFfAW – Week of 09-15-2015 – 3 | Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

“What?!!” The cowboy yelled to five unruly horses that didn´t seem to want to eat.
Three of them stared down, but then there where the rebels, named Adam and John.

Adam, stared right back at him without blinking and said, ” we´re tired of this bullshit.”

A roar of laughter came from the cowboy to which Adam replied, ” what´s so funny old

“You just said Bull-shit and you´re a horse.”

John chipped in, “and you´re an abusive idiot.”

“For what John? Why is that?”

John gave a sight, “you make us run around cattle for weeks and weeks on end and we never
get a vacation.”

“You´re a horse for crying out loud.”

“I have feeling too you know, not that I can´t do the job but it would be much appreciated if my boss
would at least give me some dignity.” Said Adam.

“Hell yeah! We´re on strike now.” John followed.

That day the cattle stayed where they where. One more day of life thank´s to the two horses.

The challenge was suppose to be of 175 words, I went up to 190. Just 15 over. I´m just a little rebel
like those two horses.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.