The Mrs. Great lady

Yes, that is photo of you….. with my dog why does my dog loves you more than me… not fair.
Take care girl, no worries no drama, it´s tragic but we´ll be good.
You can find her in Tumbler, Facebook, Instagram my guess is also twitter.
Just a nice person and very interestinbg what she has to say.
Trust me Kruti, as a small familly we are good to go.

Take care beautiful and hugs to you and your familly.
Here we go with the comment that you sent me and a great eulogy, I can´t write things like that
so thank you for dropping by and expressing yourself in a very good manner. My mother always loved you
as you know, so thanks again for the comment, now in the crazy blog. I do really appreciate you
and again, as I told you before, it´s you and your familly the most important things.

Very well written and again thank you.

Life is so fragile – so sudden, so mysterious – people leave us when we cannot imagine . You were the bright light of happiness and positivity in my life – someone who taught me to fight bad situations, to stay positive and optimistic always – someone who loved me unconditionally. We spoke just a few weeks ago and I still cannot believe that it was the last time ever. I wanted to come see you and then this pandemic changed the world and I was not able to and now I can never. It saddens me so much – it’s a regret I will have to live with but I am going to remember you as the strong lady you were – always smiling in pain, always strong and positive about everything that lies ahead. You called me the daughter you never had and you were my mother – no one can change that. I had wished my son to know you , to play with you but not everything happens as per our wishes BUT I know you are watching him from above – he is your grandson and you are his guardian angel. I promise you that I will tell him about you and how much you loved seeing him grow. We are all going to miss you so much and it’s an irreparable loss. Not a day will pass when I won’t think about you. I still email pictures like I always did you thinking you will respond immediately and it will make you happy but now I won’t get the replies. I am just happy that you are at peace and no more in pain even though it means that we will have to live with the pain of not having you with us. I LOVE YOU BLANCA. I hope to see you again soon in a place of happy endings.

Love and Change


I just realize I have no normal friends
Because of me living an abnormal life
Of false pretense
And have ended alone without a wife

But I do have a lot of colleagues
Savory characters
You can call them a mess
And they do not feel a distress

Subculture is what I have known
and seeped into my very own
and that lets you down

that life,
pisses me off
we’ ll do the best
to stress
this…family first, and money also lets be real,
but that woman on the photo, saved this kids ass
strange relationship, since I had been in a war ship
to some crazy muslim country, but that woman there,
she gives me a smack and gives me a scare, she does her stare
and brings me back to who I really am.
So one word… CHANGE.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I´m just a weirdo

The day to day events for me is no pretense, of…. doing anything
about this and that thing.
Now, if I get the news of my family being in trouble
I find myself in my bubble wich is to get my head straight,
get my act together, and my hands don´t tremble.

I just do what I have
to do to support them and I might add also me. I am a fuck up, but
once the shit hits the fan, you better want this fuck up to be there.
Is a strange dichotomy that I have, I can be a screw up when things are “O.K”
And when they are not, then I go to what I call my “robotic mode”, I know
I have to do X Y and Z. So then, lets gets going.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Strange Mother love

Only a mother
or at least mine
she can step on a mine
and be fine
tough as nails
and she does have curls
she seems and looks like barby
and she actually is
so do not dismiss
but if you get on her piss
you will find it a great riskiss
my question is, how in the word does she still loves me?
So beeeeee! really, I know I´m silly
but only a mother, specially mine
would put up with the ” kid” knowing he´s not fine
and talking to her, it is rear, that, she would make you scare
always uplift, you don´t, obviously, talk about certain things
so that brings to me, a realisation, with a bunch of creation
meaning, no wonder she kicked me out of home at a young age,
so i could find my own way to hear and not hear and then stay
but, she will always be there, guarantee, even when she says
she doesn´t, might be wrong about that last part, just trying
to be smart, but mother, she has more pair of balls than all the
other, or others, or punks she hates so you will have no sculls, left
or my behest i can say,

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.