cloud computing rational conversation


So this conversation actually took place during today´s meal.

“Did you received the email?” My mother asked me.

“What email?” That would be me.

“You know the email of akjjaf”



“Why what?”

“Why don´t you answer.” She keeps on.

“I told you I didn´t receive the email.”


“Holy shit mom, why again, why what!! why I didn´t answer or why I didn´t receive the email? If I don´t receive it I can´t answer.”

“Oooo, so it´s in one of those clouds.”

“What cloud? You´re going a bit nuts here, old age?”

“No.” She says very seriously. ” Didn´t you know there are clouds, well it got lost in the cloud.”

Me “What got lost in a cloud, and what cloud?”

“There are clouds.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You send emails and they go through clouds, I guess this one got stuck inside the cloud” She says pointing towards the sky.

MeFoto 330 Let me swallow this conversation for a second…..

Motherimages-3 .

And some people wonder where I get my random ramblings……it´s her fault!! I´m just a innocent by product.


Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


For you mom

I know you read this, quite amazing it is…
not really, you know i´m a bit silly.

You´re the only woman
that has loved this “kid”
uncoditionally ….wich that is strange for me, we do change.

No tears, no fears
you know that, doesn´t run in the family
we´re not the type of cushy cushy
you know i´m no pussy.

I could sing you a new song
but that would be stupid since you know that would be wrong.

So, heare me
do not worry.

You might be angry,
but trust me, you know me, it´s just me
and you´ll be surprised how the “kid”
in certain situations is quite wise
you know I can put that disguise
tough as nails, you know I can handle
in certain situations quite big wales.

Love you.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.