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My First Blog Post — Jenna Haith



Hello world! Yes, I’ve decided to start a blog… So, welcome to my first ever blog post! I am so excited to share one of my “firsts” with you all! YAY. Learn more about me, why I started a blog and what my future posts will be like. […]

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No cigarettes!!!! and a bit more

On my last cigarette and is only 7 a.m in the Land of the wild bulls also known as Spain.

I just saw in the comment section a person that liked my post about yoga, go to her blog,
and yes it is a her, then comment hopefully I didn´t insult her. Something about eating Bamby the deer
(She is vegetarian) and that my yoga clases I only went because of hot women. My back still hurts also.

What a house am I living in, people come people go, the “ex-girlfriend” fucking the Marrocan 15 meters
wway from my room. Was that a girlfriend? She proclaimed it to the airs…. polar bears.
But I´m the one paying the fucking bills. They are quite sneaky though. They are good.

Another guy sleeping in the vacant room left by the Brazilian guy who also fucked my “ex-girlfriend”,
you tell me what the definition of whore is. So they moved another guy now into that room….
And I´m paying the bills.

Humans, might as well laugh at it unless is very necessary to get serious and that is not to the advantage of them.
Humans… what else to complain about? Ha! No money, no food. But my center space is my cigarette.