famous philosopher

Small things day to day

Forget where I will be next month, or tomorrow or next hour,
Appreciate the small things. I got internet for good and bad,
I get showers, clean underweare I can have toilet paper, I have a bunch of things right now.
Not much food though, you can always rob a supermarket…..kidding.
Just appreciate it. This comes down to my experience in the military as well
as being an extremely cool homeless.
And who the fuck is making money out of my book? Or the blog? Could be even the family so
fuck it. Forget about it and act like nothing.
Message being(very important) .Cherish the small things that count day to day for you.

Social justice warriors

What a definition they came up by the way.
It´s kind of interesting, from a personal level obvbiously.

Talked to mother, she is still “vertical” but in the hospital and my mother was telling
how this girl from India, was texting her that she got pregnant again and that she was scared.
Basically she doesn´t wan´t another kid. Funny thing, this is the same woman I met in a social
platform, about 8 years ago, she came to see me physically that is, she has a lovely husband
I thought. Yet I always remember when she talked about her husband (these are arange marriages)
she would not put him in the right light to say the least, but again she always wanted to save
the world. She adopted a kid in India, and the whole shananigan.
Well, now you are pregnant, tell him to wear a condom or when the guy is about to go,
go out. I didn´t rejoice on this, but it was funny to hear that this social justice warrior
when reality hit her she became the unjustice social warrior. Go figure that one……..

Telling this to my mother, I can understand that relationship, she sees my mother as a cool
mother, being the Indian woman from a very conservative Indian background, yet she is my
mother. She even calls me to tell me about this and I go and publish it….

Simple reason, you got these so called social warriors but when faced with reality they back off.
So don´t be a fucking hypocrats, I can deal with that reality, for each action I take there is a reaction.
Follow that priniple you, you in general but also specifically twoards me and the other person
I was talking about.
I know that Indian culture, but if you are not happy with it just brake off. Hard I know,
but please don´t spend years preaching me about …. eating meat is bad, killing this or that animal is bad
that in my case would include the human animals, do this and do that in your personal life…. e.t.c,

Now preach to yourself lady. And it really goes for all of us. At least it kept my mother entertain for a bit
that is. Not entertained but at least bussy with other things than her own health. I call her, mother
to tell her some silly story for her to laught at me. Not projecting my problems on her.

And what in the world is that social justice warriors…. get the justice in your own brain for first.
(Sorry about the spelling-editing, yet is called Crazy Life the blog so I don´t use spell check nor edit)

Philosophy 1.01

A quick thought. There will always be light
Not talking about me and not giving you something new, that humans
will try to fuck you up. But there is light I believe, if you make it happend.
It is better if that light is surrunded with others,
but people can and will make it alone.
Those who don´t… then you are fucked. Just a thought.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

An honest man pillow

Charly who are you going to sleep…. believe it or not,
In my time I was the now, but after how? My pillow was me.
an honest man pillow is you
forget me about girls, or the rest of life “things”….why do I come back to girls?
Jeeeeesus, girls!(some humour)
The honest man pillow is on you, it is on you, all included in crazy life also you ladies.
This shit is mine by the way, give me a credit card for those who pay one dard…

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. (Things that come in my head beleve it or not,
and as always I write it down for whoever wants to read, hope you got it, I got it)

School to learn?

The answer is yes and also no.
Better “somethings” to be a no go.
My army days… I as a private,
after not talking, seeing, listening,
got most of it. Without the experience that none of them NCO´s or “leaders” learned in school.
I was too good to be at school plus a lot sometimes fool.
Long story, they made me in charge of 4 men. And I knew better than my Liutenants what
was and was was not. I communicated with him that, and he obliged, not always, long story.
Got the seargent for him to make the liutenant to oblige.
To learn in the civilian life, I apply the same principle, and is all based on one person,
my father, did he have “official” training?
no, but he did more than gaining.
School is really important don´t get me wrong, specially the young kids that read me…..(none)
You want´t it bad enough
Be tough
Work… but work smart,
And you´ll be that magic dart.
Or at least, survive the shit tart.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Psycho anilitical me

I just woke up with that thought, to analize me. Pretty nice the title I came up with if
you ask me. So psycho… not much though. I do know this about me, I can be violent yet at
the same time when I want to put my “serious” hat, I react very nice in circumstances that most people
would be overwhelmed. Just in me if I do put the serious hat, and I´m too nice also. Wasn´t born
yesterday I saw-experience my things, but I still believe that humans are good. Some of them anyways.
So this was profound.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

dissecting orange

What a colour, have you ever seen that in a flower? Rarity,
no security. Try to rhyme orange… Try it.
Have you ever seen the name of a fruit translated into colours?
Black-any fruit named that?
Blue?-any fruit named that colour brute?
Only the fruit orange can have the glory of being the name of a colour.
Did you get any rhyme with orange?
I got one long time ago, from my bro, Eminem…hem,
“hey punk you´re a sporange!”
Urban dictionary it appeaered, but got it from a Eminem interview on 60 minutes,
long time ago and stuck with me, so be.
Even Shakespeare invented words for thee
Hail to the orange!
The only fruit that also is a colour and colour the fruit..kind of weird right?
Just me, a genius to be, and this thought came while at a hospital
I´m a mental criminal

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The man(video)

I feel like a weird grupie… but the point is that he is true to himself,
danger is what he knows to handle and a pretty good bullshiter.
Stick if you wish with he is true to himself regardless the consequens
I can relate to that not in my military experience but just life in general.

I just hope it gives you and also me perspective.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.