famous poetry

My story

Where is privacy? At this point could care less,
even the fucking Marrocan criminals have a video of me on cell phones, so sell the phone,
just happens that they are actual criminals and from Marroco country,
Pisses me off by the way, we the Spanish paying for them? Fuck off
you shit rastafaris or whatever name came to mind, shit face for example.
Quite interesting the video so you might go and tell them to sell it to you,
don´t know, whatever you want. It is ironic though, maybe sad too, or just B.S could be.
Who gives a fuck. Going to watch Mr. Laffer. Yes, the economist,
the Laffer curve. Quite interesting this guy.
(The shit can´t get weirder, still will fight but it is just a bit weird)

El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido

(you can translate it to english with that google thing if you want)

No se en que país vivo,
parece ser que mi pueblo esta vencido,
no puedo a pasear sin,
que me saquen un cuchillo,
los demás Españoles en el pueblo tienen miedo
gracias a los Moros que según ellos me dicen “Es mi pueblo”.
Que espera la policía de mi?
No hay policía que te proteja en mi pueblo,
por lo tanto tendré yo que defenderme
a muerte
solo queda un par de gente.
Un par, pero enfadados de estar
viviendo bajo estos criminales,
o animales.


Listen up, louder louder!
Listen up, for a last name Crowder
You know me? No, my suggestion for lets call them “people with bad intentions”
or just criminals is what they are in MY home town, tired of Marrocans shit faces,
not all, there are good even in the criminal world, but specially the so call “kids” of
16 years old they are the worst ones, with an adult they could see what I am, semi that is,
what can and would be my response if they start something with me, but with the criminal kids,
they don´t see shit, they will talk a lot of shit but not see what can come to them.
(See? this is therapeutic for me after spending almost two hours searching for one of those guys,
now calm, writing should be the first thing a kid should learn)


As it comes as it goes with my flows,
I listen to music, read porn not norm, documentaries here and there everywhere,
And my mind is constantly working which name in this case ” Analyzing”
So I can have fun to do rhyming.
Then I have to watch or read, again, the same things to not analyze them and have some then.
Stay Frosty gentesses, forget about gents, I have to get on with it!

Mentally weird

I can listen to 3 conversations at the same time, meaning I have two cell phones
one in two ears, hering you deers… plus I concentrate on whatever documentary
I´m watching, weird.
Also weird, I grew a beard, apart from that one it goes weirder for figure,
I put the youtube channel on, and whatever music or documentary or porn… my head
does a be e head and starts thinking what I can write from that. Then… let psycho in
some.. holy shit

Obssesed(incredible video… or not)

Just go, if you want to minute 7.33.
I talked about the bad things of being obsseses, but I can´t help it with this guy.
Minute 7.33 seconds they call it ” Being his shadow for 90 minutes”. I can see!
At the beginning how he sort of seizes up the other guy, and rarely gets angry,
and the other one looking at him, touching, just trying to piss him off, Messi not taking the bait (rarely), but point being
is that if you have to put, and very good oponent by the way, if you got to put a guy
shadowing you for the whole soccer match…. You are telling the world Messi is too good to be true.
The best thing, he is too good to be true.

I also obsess about hot chicks just in case. Not in my grammar just in case. Meeeeeeeeeeeeesi!