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Softy generation millenium

Did title offend, well,
That is not for me to amend
This is my blog I enjoy my writing
Even if it´s stinking
I do my own blinking

Not others…..
So this is the lesson I tried to convey to a fellow
blogger that yesterday she was devastating because she
got some negative comments on some post of hers, and 3 or 4 posts
afterwards was basically her apologizing. So I commented to her
something to this effect ” It is your blog, stop apologizing, you
have a lot of people that read you and what do you expect that everyone
likes everything you write? Let the negative people brush you by don’t bend
to them since she was talking about how she would change certain things
not to offend… what the fuck, come on girl, it seems this generation
has been born with a cellphone and internet connected by the mothers wound,

I told her that this is just a little blog, social media is notyour life, just a
small part,
of your life and not all that serious. If she truly had to suffer real hardships.
She seemed like a young woman, maybe not even 18 who know by her gravatar. And maybe
it´s he, who the hell knows but I doubt it specially the way of writing if figured

she was young.Point being, we are creating a bunch
of softy people for the most part. Knowing what I have been through life and still go
now through family health issues, am I going to be apologizing because of some comment
they left me on internet, feel bad and change my blog to make the other people happy?
Fuck no, this is chump change compared to real life and I tried to convey that to her,
maybe it got through. Although my guess is that it won’t. Throw this girl to fend for
herself, without cell phone, basically poor. She can´t survive in this life.
Although she is very good at her writing and I told her so. Fuck me, did I become the
teacher now? So that was fucking ironic. Anybody offended by so many curse words?
I like the F word, to me adds and not subtracts.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses form the land of the wild bulls! At 7 fucking a.m, fuck
I´m tired and can´t sleep and watching over another person while I write at the same time.
And read you.
Hope she reads this, although my comment I was much more polite( I think this was polite
anyways) and covered more topics about life in general. I should become a real teacher,
teenage kids would love me, and if they fuck with me I just give them a couple of smacks
and order will be restored.
Listening to this, and this song is for her “there is a line there, walk away-bluff”,
doesn’t bother you plus the song actually makes me feel cool smooth calm.

Best Socrates quote ever

There is another one.

“When you don’t know what your talking about…shut up! And listen, listening is knowledge”
Mr.Socrates………. o.k you got me, maybe it was my quote but I´m fairly sure Socrates told me
that. I´m a bit old, Alzheimer starting to kick in.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Seal the holes in my false hope — Poison Yvy

The quote of Mr. Haruki Muarkami couldn’t be more true. I can only add that  I hope you come out a better-wiser person out of that storm.

” When you come out of this storm you won’t be the same person who walked in. That is what this storm is all about.” Haruki Muarkami This year choose growth. Choose adventure even though it seems scary. Choose knowledge even though it seems pointless. Choose to love yourself even though you want to be […]

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Profesional U.S marines

I can pull it off…or not, profesional they are, I was, and the “gents” came out
of one of these guys. I exposed myself to be their translator bieng with the Spanish Legión
that most of us spaniards didn´t even know the Spanish language, damn I´m good. So have to
publush and publish I don´t think is rubish. Forgot, the “stay frosty” is because
we were patrolling with these ones, the guy actually said to his other 4 U.S marines
Stay Frosty.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

There are three constants in life… change, choice and principles. ~Stephen Covey — A Pondering Mind

I think it´s a great quote although I would put it in reverse (I hope I don’t offend the original blogger who posted it) ,principles which will lead you to the choices you make which will lead you to change. Hope Mr. Covey doesn’t care, obviously not…. he’s gone, not to insult his legacy. If I keep writing I’m making this worst. Great quote! The overall meaning of it is just great, be it to put one word first than the other.

Stephen Covey, 1932 – 2012, Author

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“It was with some amazement that I realized I was one of the few people in the world who really believed in these things.” — M o o r e z a r t

Originally posted on Art of Quotation: I believed in a good home, in sane and sound living, in good food, good times, work, faith and hope. I have always believed in these things. It was with some amazement that I realized I was one of the few people in the world who really believed in…

My friend Jack…In my first and only year of University in San Francisco he was my hero.I even went to the bars and the streets he described in his book “On the road”. He did die from alcoholism, maybe I´ll be remembered as a brilliant writer after I die of that, almost did at age 30, so who knows, but a good philosophy of life he wrote. I was being sarcastic about being remembered for my writing for you.. you! people that don’t read my about page that says I have an ironic-sarcastic-dark sense of humor, although the alcohol thing is true. I can relate to this quote too much. Read all the quote on the original blog it was posted!

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People constantly try to pick up things from my incredible brain
to gain,
wisdom of life
but can´t give them inspiration for them to strive….
But, a famous football coach famous for his speeches
said yesterday on t.v,
which I do see.
I thought about it, and tried to come up with a counter argument,
nothing came up to my incredible brain.
He captured the essence of life in that simple saying,
it comes down to good or bad choices you and only you make,
will take you through a good path or bad path for you to take
success is at stake.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.