famous writers

dissecting orange

What a colour, have you ever seen that in a flower? Rarity,
no security. Try to rhyme orange… Try it.
Have you ever seen the name of a fruit translated into colours?
Black-any fruit named that?
Blue?-any fruit named that colour brute?
Only the fruit orange can have the glory of being the name of a colour.
Did you get any rhyme with orange?
I got one long time ago, from my bro, Eminem…hem,
“hey punk you´re a sporange!”
Urban dictionary it appeaered, but got it from a Eminem interview on 60 minutes,
long time ago and stuck with me, so be.
Even Shakespeare invented words for thee
Hail to the orange!
The only fruit that also is a colour and colour the fruit..kind of weird right?
Just me, a genius to be, and this thought came while at a hospital
I´m a mental criminal

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I hail the underdog

This will be my last post for I don’t know how much time nor I know when I will
be able to read you since tomorrow back to the hospital for a “review” by the head
doc on my mothers cancer that the new treatment after the first 6 months of chemotherapy
didn’t work they put her on this new treatment approved in the USA but not in Europe,
so she chemo didn’t work, now this new experimental treatment also didn’t work and she
is getting worst every day. She barely can walk. So it can be that tomorrow the doc´s
decide that she has to stay. And who knows how much time, hopefully not but whatever
they say to expand her time on this earth that is what we’ll do, obviously.
I´ll still have about 2 hours on this computer so I´ll be able to read as many of you
as I can.

I hail for the underdog
I hail for the frog-
To jump as high as it can
Stanley and Kubrick
Have it already made
Freaking insane
Hence I hail for Serene Spidey
And the woman who created him
To begin
And now has a book out
Be at the look out!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 258 – #PubDay #MarriageUnarranged
Mrs. Ritu.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.