fantasy fiction

number one party anthem

I just wrote a text
While later we will having sex
The now and later
I’m your superhuman alligator
So incredible!
She’s waiting all wet….hence,number one party anthem.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Time thief (prompt)

Theme 8 | Manuscript Tunesthe_golden_quill_prompts_theme

He opened his eyes, they seemed to weigh a ton, eyes that wandered through the room and saw just a little light coming in from down the door. He slowly incorporated himself to his wobbly feet and started  walking shakily to that dark door. He took a deep breath and turned the handle.



What the hell is this, he thought while he stared and listened at the strange people. People that looked like humans, all men had trousers on them, the women wore all mini skirts. Beautiful women all around, all where blond, blue eyes, big tits, perfect rounded ass and the men all seemed to come out from an Abercrombie and Fitch commercial. But they all talked to what for him sounded like gibberish.

“hey!” He shouted to one of the beautiful blond girls, the girl turned around…


“What are you talking about? you stupid hottie!” He was starting to panic, better said he was in a state of shock and couldn´t even panic, not yet.

“Hello.” A young blond lady said.

He smiled, finally this seemed like paradise but what was with all the words, ” hello, who are you?” He asked her.

“I´m the one who send you here.”

“Where is here exactly sweetheart?”

“It´s the time and place where everybody looks good and we don´t accept ugly people.”

“I´m not ugly you stupid blond, hell I had a helluva ride with pretty stupid girls like you.”

“You used girls you have to say, and now your in the year 3014 where everybody is extremely beautiful and you are an ugly bastard that thinks he´s handsome, look around?” She spread her arms, “Can you compare yourself to any of these guys?”

He really couldn´t, he stared down at the floor thinking what to say or what to do. Thoughts of murdering someone did cross his mind.

“Why did you do this to me?”

“I told you, you used women, this is your pay back”

“Payback? what, sending me to Barbie and Kent world who speak…. God know what you people speak!” His face was starting to get redder and redder by the moment.

“Yes, you will be ignored and shun from society, an outcast, who will see what love is all about.”

He did notice that all these hot girls and guys where all walking side by  side holding hands and talking their strange  language.

“Who are you God damn it!”

“You don´t even remember me do you? I´m that girl you talked to for months in the library, you where a partner in the firm and I was just a young law student. I thought you cared for me, and you used me. I thought my work was good and was of some help for the law firm, or that is what you made me think and you used that to get into my pants.”

“Hey, baby doll listen, I didn´t force you to open those legs.”

“By.” She said and walked away.

For the rest of his time he roamed the streets of Lostville alone, the great shot, yes he was or had been, now was a loner, a person to be despised and looked down to. That was his destiny.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.