father love

Who would have thought….

Now that my mother is gone, I have my father as the last family member.
we never had a cushy cushy relationship, it´s not in him nor me,
we do have in common that we both would be cushy cushy with my mother
but between us it just doesn´t happen, until now.
The poor man now has to take care of the house, now the freaking dog has to be operated
as of right now, so he told me he would call me later to give me uptades. Meaning if the dog
is alive or not. Seems it´s tragedy after tragedey, I know he is a tough man,
who would have thought that these tragedies would bring us together. I do know he loved me
even being the fuck up I am, but I did good things in life to support mother, my country having
served in the army and now writing poorly. He does appreciate all those things so now it seems
I get calls every two times a day from this man, my father, and I really appreciate them and
now the roles are reversed, me telling him to be strong, take a walk like he always did at a certain
time since it is something he uses to clear his mind and since he told me that he wasn´t taking the
walks I just said ” get up and stretch your legs as always”. It is a tregedy to loose a mother,
and his wife that they were married for 50 years
now the fucking dog lets see what happens after they operate her, but if you want to not
go crazy and depressed you do have to think about you and only you, keep life moving, I told him that.
So now the roles are reversed, I saw his vulnerable side and is not fun, I always thought he was superman,
seems he is not and now he does need a bit of support, just a bit he is a strong motherfucker as he called me,
But who would have thought….. life

love of a father

Sorry, I don´t know why this picture appeared.
He does seem to have a grand day.
It was my mother who raised me, she took care of me,
now is my job to take care of her.

When I got basically kicked out of college and the US, yes, I did study there.
I got home at age 19, but not to my parents home so I jumped from job to job,
is not so bad being a bartender…. ya know girls!

I got bored so I joined the Spanish Legion.

My mother couldn´t handle it.
But who was there? The father.

He was born in a family that is not family oriented,to say the least.
You can´t expect more from the man emotionally, but he is truly a genius in his work.

conversation with me and him goes,

ME- ¨hello¨
HE- ¨Are you good?¨
My answer is always that I am good.

Just people. Except this one is a genius. And the fucked up son, he will protect me
and knowing him I don´t know why. Being deployed in the army, I talked only with him,
no emotions as I said before he will just say ¨Everything good?¨, just my dad, a great man.

Hopefully he doesn´t read this pussy shit.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,.


That´s your photo.

Father you can see
The relationship between you and me
You´re not a man that expresses emotions
But I do know you love my mother
So you got that ¨kid¨
You´re suck with that ridiculous bit
I did see you a couple of times…..
Only two times when you saw your love one hit hardtimes
June 17, in 1976,
You married the woman who is tough as bricks

Love you pops.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses