fatherly love

Bear hug

Today Today is Saturday… I´m just singing along as I write
with might! waaaaaasaaaap, holy shit.
Bear hug, it was interesting, my father came today to the hospital, see mom,
we had quite the conversation. I actually thought that this tragedy was going to make us
more apart me and my father. You got to understand he is not the “cushy cushy” type of guy,
I actually don´t remember him in any of my infancy days, he was always working and providing
for me and mom. That right now is laying on the bed and I still have no clue if she is in a comma or
what the fuck is going on, how long is she going to last, nobody knows but here I am with her.
Anyways Manoyaise… I thought that rhymed, got off track I have ADD but multiplied by a hundred.
BEAR HUG, so father comes in he looks at my mother in the bed so I inmediately ask him about his job
so he doesn´t concentrate too much on mother, we speak, bla bla balaaaa! Actually what he does as
a profession and his knowledge is very fascinating, I have no clue how I came out this fucked up.
So we say good by and he gives me a BEAR HUG, first time in my life. Kind of weird for us both,
he actually stoped patting me on the back, pulled back and looked at me like saying ” did I did this?”
And me, just with a smile on the face, just told him “we´ll talk later I´ll keep you updated about mom”
So at age 37 going on eleven, is the first time my father huged me. Interesting.
Not saying nothing bad about him that is, it is just not in our nature for us two to have that
“cushy cushy pussy” type of relationship. I know he loves me, he might not be the most expressive man
but I know he first loves my mother and has sacrificed his job for her to be in the best hospital
and second he started talking, or suggesting about us, me and him (he is the only family I have left now)
keep in contact and talk and e.t.c. I just smiled, gave him a pat on the back and really just
a discovery of this side of my father I never knew.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.