Hitting is yoga

Holy shait, there can be consequences obviously
but who knows the real-isly
I just hit another Marrocan thief, he talking about Mafias and just BS,
you did try to rob me, you and your buddy tried, not working yesterday, well now comes today.
I could not feel in a better form of yoga type of mentality.
Just easy, easy peasy, whatever comes next if it comes then it comes,
now…. I´m actually about to sleep right now.
(this one was another of the other two, more can come)

See ya later, or reead, read, you later you innovator.

Antifa vs Poud boys(video…nice music)

Once you got an extreme group that started as Antifa, you will
get another extreme group being the so called Proud Boys.
This is nothing new, this has come from the millions of years people have
been operating.
Although I do like( since I myself) to see get these Antifa thugs kicked the shit out of them.
They are a very well organized organization, apart that they will stab you, bring bats, e.t.c
so once in a while after I myself is done fighting these dumb shit criminal marrocans,
I like to watch some of this. Then porn and disconnect. Or maybe read Shakespeare, more productive.
But if I am in a town full of Marrocan criminals, what do you expect? Like the Antifa Criminals,
they are no cevil discourse with them, they will punch you at the very least if not stab you,
translating it to me…. no, I already gone after these Marrocans fuckers and as they told me
before I hit two of them, ” WE OWN THIS TOWN” Are we the Spanish supposed to be afraid? NO.
This one is for you, YOU FUCK HEAD, probably see you later though, and you already know,
telling me you are in the Marrocan Mafia? What the fuck is wrong with you idiot, you know me?
No, give time to time and then you would hope you were never born. SHit forgot the video.
I´m out now. Read you all good people in wordpress and don´t to a depress, I need to read poetry.
Give time to time…. no so much time, but you won´t expect thought. (Holy shit, am I making
threats in public, well… hummmmmmmmm, the blog is called crazy life, maybe yes maybe no
so results will tell)

It´s worst if you know

I know I can engage, american military term to “hit or kill”,
I was in the Spanish Legion, believe that or not, that is fact.
Unfortunately I know this about me, specially today,
was not yesterday,
but two fucking Marrocans trying to rob me?
They are no dummies, me neither, I knew if giving them a little bait,
they will wait as I was talking about other things for again a bait,
back in my head I was ready, hence giving them mental money, let them
see where the money was (in my right socket) and let them…
Happened what I thought, but two against me? And they couldn´t even do shit,
I do know how to fight and will slap the shit of you if not today it won´t be
yesterday nor tomorrow day, I will get you when you least expect it.
Or they might get me that is, goes both ways.
I actually thought was fun, I knew how to perfectly react through not only
the so called fight, but looking at their eyes, their words, and me thinking
“this shit is going down for real and is no newsreal”, how the fuck did
I react so good? I got to give it to having a steady head under preassure,
real pressure that is both mentally and physically and knowing what I have to do
in each type of environment, men, just all the variables. Again it could backfire,
not this time though, they got the worst, I don´t even feel any pain in my body,
my face preciouse as grace, my body so haaardy and now after talking to dad to
cheer him up ( I think he is now realizing that he does have a tough motherfucker kid
now that mom is gone to heaven, she probably told him before who I was, she always said
even as a kid I liked adrenaline too much and physical altercations and since dad
was never around physically, that is not to say he loves this crazy kid, so called kid,
she probably told him ” Yes, believe it or not this is your son and you take care of him”.
I don´t need that hymn, from him, but ofcourse is always nice to hear his calm voice,
that I do believe I make a difference in that calm voice. Kind of weird now without mom.
Anyways anyhows! I play my bows…. just rhyming, the so called thefts went out with
not a healthy face to put it that way. Not proud of me for what I did, I should me smarter,
just testing them is how I have fun which is not good for them in this case.

Island of violence

Don´t worry you, it is not about you and who,
Pisses me off that I´m paying for the fucking internet,
Suddenly goes out the net.
This person has the reuter on their room.
So when knows I´m in the internet, it goes boom-
No fucking internet, I wouldn´t complain, except I paying.
And if you want it, you know it, island of violence. click face 😉
Yo whore, not you but the other, got it, smart teet.
(I´m switting on my off, got sorta the point for some.. or not)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Charly Politics

I have no clue who this man is, both the writer and the receiver. Probably talk to much-me.
What the F is going on in this house?.. People come people go and me paying… getting a bit pissed off.
Not much.
Great man, both of them so that would include the person that wrote this.
I still remember Mr. Jesús Picatoste in a “meeting”, in the Palace hotel. In Madrid, or
friends call him ” El Pica”.
I remember him as a kid for a simple reason…. I was there, plus he smoked a lot so the
government should do something.
In all seriousness, and sorry for my mess. A great person, as well as the other person who wrote it.

Mi homenaje a Jesús Picatoste, por su lección de medio siglo de buen periodismo

A blood story(300 words long but funny.. I think)

I was cutting my head with the cutting perfect hair cutting machine,
Machine goes ” puff puff” so the cutting perfet hair machine is not operational-
I have this so called meeting with the dealer,
“Hey! You know where I live so come on up!”Dealer says,
I know is bullshit obviously, but let him bring the deal to me,
I have a point…..
the fucking cutting hair machine is no good. Point I might be a bit high. Point
Another one, Point. Might try to put a hat on before walking outside
with half the hair cut but at this point seemed it didn´t entered my mentall process,
and then the cut in my finger from trying to fix the no-cutting-hair machine Point.
Yes! I did try with the “blade”- other people just call it ” the thing men use to cut the hair on our face
and women to cut the hair on other parts”- I just call it The Blade, sounds cooler?

This one is cooler, so I walk down my house since he knows where I live and really checking
on me, hi local police, it is the locals…so what are they going to do with my stupidity?
Quite some if they wanted really,
I´m getting of my great topic.

I thought it was fun at that moment when my “friend” did the transaction and he suddenly says
“What the fuck?” But in the South Americana style….
Looking at my “new” hair cut and my thumb finger rolling with blood.
So that´s a weird fucking story and how not… I just put it in public.
This can be a total reck
Or a heck-hecking, I invent words, and invent myself, I should have a camera to put a photo of
my great face but a really weird haircut, on my deadly! Cut on my finger
I lost too much blood, nurses I need (that was plural)(. Point.
I accomplished something. No?…. No sayers you people… He is a funny dude the dealer,
He looks at my face-hair looks at my bloody finger and says ” If I see blood I faint please
don´t show it to me”. funny man specially the guy goes on about the corona virus…. fuck me.
Hope some bithc ex girlfriends we both have and shared, translates this to him. He cool sista!
That was gangsta!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Just Bitches ( 18 and over)


Disclamair-you don´t see her face plus I will not say names
Disclaimer 2- now goes the beautiful poem, remember it is creative writing
that if for the police in case and for you all, the bitch…… hit it!

I love you
Because I hate your boob
Looking at my cock
It ain´t that smart
It´s bigger than your own fart
You know you love it
That is quite a bit
Suck and suck
But……I did do it with a duck (kind of freaky)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Yo….. stop


I think the “little girl”, would like to sue me
and make me an adopted son of…..gleee! hahah

Not her name in it
Not her face in it
So I’ll just go and hit it!

Crazy mother fucking bitch
this was the one that put me to trial on false charges
if you don’t mind I have the paperwork that says
not so intimately
she is a whore really
not because I say so you silly
she is actually a professional whore
and me the dumb ass poor
so out she goes in my mind
but hold it there on time,
she did provided me with a lot of writing material
so now I’m a writing killer serial,you
so thank you….. whatever your name is.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Hey bitch, don’t call my mother nor me, 99 calls in one day, a nutty case
apart from me you couldn’t find.


and snitches
even all those false preachers
they sooner or later end up ditches
i love for you’re stomping
on my my name, you’re gambling
you can’t win
i do know for a sure thing
try to keep trying to destroy me
it will not annoy me
you are really a fucked up lady
99 lost calls in one day?
Jesus Christ…. I’m going to the bay.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.