under my umbrella

You are under my umbrella
With that girl and that fella….Who I took away from you
You didn’t even complain
Even if his soul was in pain.

I took you out of the streets
Which eventually I know it was my bad deeds
You should have been under another umbrella
Was you name Jisela?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

walking a thin line

I just walk along
Singing my great magic song

realise that I’m walking this thing line
is mine,
I’ll try to get out of the whores, but there is one sleeping next to me,
So I’ll just let it be…… walking a thin line

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,

The father

He is probaly yelling ” what the fuck you idiot!!!”
But he´s my father, I’m just a pussy
Like a little sissy,
this man came from poverty to extasy,
no wonder the spoiled kid came,little fucking pussy.
Strongest, Martest, I can arrest.
Mother love you, you raised me really,
Father, I do know that when things go off cliff,
you are there, don´t know why really, tough as nails you are,
but i´m just a dumb poetry writer,that´s what you had,
and i know you won´t be mad.What pussy am I, this is the last one.
Hey you, won´t cry anymore it begins to sound me sore

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

You’re ending in the box of hell

Shit,not you idiot,hold on……

Here you go with my bloody face
you better retract your bullshit for your own grace
actually I know that you like it,like to lie, and fuck people around,
I understand,that is why you are almost 40 and the only thing you do
is bitches in the strees-is, kind of sorry for you, I actually hope that
you die in where? I guess hell, lets take it easy so you will be well.
Don’t call again my mother and tell her lies, sooner or later they will
catch you, looking a bit crazy blue, but it seems you like to screw people off,
so here you go you crazy bitch… not you? Sorry, I won’t make you fall in that story.

So keep on treating like is the people who are waiting, to see the
outcome, I’m going to jail that is the outcome for you to do a bit of swirl, and you
love it don’t you? Little bitch loves to ruin people’s life’s, so watch out
like a boy scout, I know where you are, so sooner or latter,I’ll be in jail as a hatter.
So you crossed the line right know, what is what you tell me? “You have no idea who I am,
I’ll sever your head!” And is actually true bitch, you did pull a knife two times on me,
like the idiot I am still thinking I can trust you and maybe just maybe become a better person.
Seems it’s my dream so let me do another being, you really fucked this one out, talking to my
mother…..and I know you are laughing, untill…. I will slash your through without even laughing.
You fuck up cunt, then my jail sentence will be count.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I got to find something within

I got to find something within,
hence we begin…..
Stories and stories of nightmares,
but nobody will have their cares.
So is me and me,
at the end of the day you really are alone like in your own bike that you belong.
Fucking around with people, fights, heights.
That is not me,
I’m a product of the life I chose, you see?
But there is no excuses,
If not I would be a fake for telling too many excuses.

So I got to find something in me, to pull up and push further.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

My dog is a trump supporter

In a small Spanish town…..

“Make America First!” The yelling woke me up. I was in a state of confusion, shock,
what was happening?. I carefully climbed out of bed, with the broom stick in both of
my hands ready to hit whatever came after me. Yes I do keep a broomstick by the side
of my bed, it’s effective as a bat, maybe deadlier for an intruder since you can also
spear him. Making my way down the hallway my jaw dropped. My English bulldog was yelling
“USA USA…..Make America First….Winning!!!” I slapped my face around to wake me up,
but she still stood there screaming while watching Fox News.

I left the broom to one side and sat down and decided to talk to her.
“What the fuck? First off, you’re a traitor since you are English,
second, the bandana you have around your neck says ‘made in China’
so you’re taking the jobs away from the U.S, and third stop with the yelling at 6 a.m”.

She shut up. I made my point, Trump or no Trump I’m the leader here. Next thing I know,I see
the dog making a phone call, is this really happening? She speaks with a perfect american
accent, she Spoke to Trump and told him what I told her. I knew something was wrong when I heard
a hiss over my head.

I’m now talking to you from heaven, yes, they dropped the A bomb on top of my house.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.