fight club

battle of internet words!-poem(long)

(won´t bother you more with my writing, I did figure out a way to get into internet and read you)
I got this one, and people who read me I think they know me a bit,quite a lot actually.
I did say some bad comments but only when I feel that they are bullshitting me in the open of my eyes,
you can read it if you want.
Then I got the other nutcase
whow blocked my comments since they are rational but not to him, and I do not like to put up
the peoples blog but I feel I need to defend me. In WordPress…. go figure this one out.
His comment was “You´re going from this site pal, rudness like yours is not excusable and don´t
let the door hit you on the behinds) Paraphrasing there but that is word almost for word what the
other idiot said from another site. With all my day to day shit I do really have to hear this idiot?
Yes, On the first post I said rude things, yes am I perfect? No, but I had my reasons and profussely
apologized to the Blogger and then came in this other one with his “don´t let the door hit you in the ass”
You punk. Hope I see him face to face. Punk ass, I let it rest cause I´ll get the nerves.
I was going to post a poetry and now I feel like I have to defend myself…
but here goes the poetry!

Mother I´m stuck in a town that is not fun
Do the drug dealers bother me? And the one living 15 feet in the next room to mine?
Answer is NO.
I could send them a by by.( I know you don´t want you to hear this but is my expression art)
Yet I figured out to stay with my computer for now
And if it is not now, I write pen and paper somehow.
I know I chose this
I also know I saved your life, so something good I have to be doing
I´m not perfect
Mother please will you see….
(Not really in her eyes but that is good for me and she is right I could be doing more)
Still bothers me the kid drugdealers…. not because I know them( I know their fathers)
they know me they know where I live e.t.c
bothers me I didn´t follow what mother said, yet again I didn´t followed her said to go to the army…
but that´s a big contradiction, but maybe you go it. Forgot, and that I could´t write she said…
not good writing for sure but something. And now with cáncer who the fuck you think is taking care of her
“most of the time”…… Yes, not perfect at all, but in this shit town there is a respect code if you will,
and yes I took care and will take care of my mother that is 100%, she even makes forget me the alcohol.
Being and experience the army infantry deployed life, this fucking drug dealers know better. Fuck!
Now I feel better, I actually put a barricade in my room, I walk out and in the house with a knife,
almost stabbed one, so that was a great one….although he and five more Marrocans
tried to steal from me and hit me.
Mother forgive me if you can, I won´t go to jail while you are here to stand.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Fuck me

As a catholic( i did spell that wrong)
To my disgrace in my face I did call her BITCH
I know there are bad people, got that
jesus Christ, she keeps on going with her comments,
to the point,
i´m smoking joint after her crazy things
you or might not belives.
Didn´t even read her crazy comments,
She said something that I use women…….yep, and she keeps on going
The link is down, I have nothing to hide so there ya go sista.
So transparancy, maybe it is why she is pissed off or go and fuck
a dude a dudesses, but leave me alone, I sound like a pussy,
until you hit my stop sign, you have a life? I asked her in the comment,
now is this Bitch going to make me mad, behind your computer,
what the fuck? Battle of words, and yes mam, piss me off more or
harrass my blog, I will destroy you, punk ass bitch, you think what?
I live a hard life bitch, you comming or eat the com. dot com. idiot.
So here she goes with her ramble, dumb piece of….sorry now for me not
for this person, and she will continue. Yes mam, I´m so Smart that I use women
right? You did really hit the stop sign, no bullshit, get a life or a cock,
You really want to deal with me? Punk ass there you go with the bitch, all in there.
Me afraid of what? Military deployed living with criminals and now this idiot. There you go beautiful lady, it´s you and you.Sorry forgot to say Bi..hitch. Dumb ass. And I´m taking back in the sense you are a pathetic female that only wants to ruin, if you where a guy got your shit kicked off your pants, punk. Here is the link, you decide. My moral compass is right. Piece of shit this women,
told you, come to my town and see how much you live, not behind the coputer, bitch.


I am a chatholic, not the best one obviously.
Not drunk so it mkes my high adrenaline today-i won´t worry or sorry
I was in a fight so a dismay.
I really kicked the bejusus out ot the drug dealer,
sorry dear,
you really think I was born yesterday?
Was it your dismay?
But I will pray.
For you.

Stay Frosty gents and genesses.

the fighter

I know, in my mind on family time, listening to this is bullshit,
In my family time, it´s just shame
listening to this you are a weak person, but
I have a problem…..I might suffer weakness in the sense,not sensible really,
that I do not shy from hard times, but until they come up,
then the motor starts running

You freaking weirdo.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

What’s with the fights?

Here we go…or not go, point being this was the last fight

Na, not really there have more, and guess who against?….fucking marrocans,
they sell drugs, they fight but won’t back down.
So the point, is that I have to fight them off.
How in the world can I avoid them if they live just infront of my house?
As off right now I got 5 stiches in my left eye, wich is the same that
the other gave me, yep, in the left freaking eye. I look like a donousour.
Point being…. I’m not a racist obviously, my best friend is marrocan,
forgot thay I was in the army you silly, another point…. won’t give up,
but some come into my coutry to sell drugs and get the benefits of the social security,
hell yes I’ll fight them until I die.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses….holy! look at this beautil person, I shoud
stay mor like that… I guess


Thank goodness for the tolerant left….
Imagine one from the other side doing it, they call him a fascist.
Nothing new to me living here in Spain, but I didn’t think it got that ugly
over there. And if some great person shows me a video were in the U.S there is
some guy from the right doing or hitting or just fucking up really, like those punks,
please share it. You will not find none, at the most you will find the Trump supporters
fighting back. Why do I know? Because I know the extreme left. By the way I’m not a Trump supporter,
I have better thing to do and survive in my life. But this was funny…..sortta

Hit it ! Fuck… I had a damn good poem written, this just got my attention
and I had the extreme urge to hit publish.

Fight club(poem)

Foto 274

Is that me?

I guess

not too good at playing chess

that, would be my guess.

This is a mess

but is just my guess.

You win some you loose some



you never win anything

you loose much of everything.

Long time has been,

since I got into one of these

since serious fighting that is.

Two wars I´ve been

and that was serious thing

no glory

just misery

anger issues…..

maybe I should pull out some tissues

or maybe I should work on some issues.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.