Fuck me

As a catholic( i did spell that wrong)
To my disgrace in my face I did call her BITCH
I know there are bad people, got that
jesus Christ, she keeps on going with her comments,
to the point,
i´m smoking joint after her crazy things
you or might not belives.
Didn´t even read her crazy comments,
She said something that I use women…….yep, and she keeps on going
The link is down, I have nothing to hide so there ya go sista.
So transparancy, maybe it is why she is pissed off or go and fuck
a dude a dudesses, but leave me alone, I sound like a pussy,
until you hit my stop sign, you have a life? I asked her in the comment,
now is this Bitch going to make me mad, behind your computer,
what the fuck? Battle of words, and yes mam, piss me off more or
harrass my blog, I will destroy you, punk ass bitch, you think what?
I live a hard life bitch, you comming or eat the com. dot com. idiot.
So here she goes with her ramble, dumb piece of….sorry now for me not
for this person, and she will continue. Yes mam, I´m so Smart that I use women
right? You did really hit the stop sign, no bullshit, get a life or a cock,
You really want to deal with me? Punk ass there you go with the bitch, all in there.
Me afraid of what? Military deployed living with criminals and now this idiot. There you go beautiful lady, it´s you and you.Sorry forgot to say Bi..hitch. Dumb ass. And I´m taking back in the sense you are a pathetic female that only wants to ruin, if you where a guy got your shit kicked off your pants, punk. Here is the link, you decide. My moral compass is right. Piece of shit this women,
told you, come to my town and see how much you live, not behind the coputer, bitch.


us not tipical marines-video

I´m done with these videos. I, having been in the Spanish Legión,
having two friend in the US Marines.This is normal for us.

I have plus, my military Friends pissed on me, I was not happy,
so I went to the first one I saw hit him. Guess what? The idiot saved my life
I don´t know how many times. Me, You….you really, we are crazy! In some sorts of way
that is. It is really a part of the brotherhood. I could go on but this one is it
about my and those who experience it, seeee ya later with a cool poem innovater.
And yes, I´m fucking drunk like bitch punk writing and not so much forgetting.
And now they call a kid a bully for whatever….fuck that.


Nothing new in Spain, but it seems that in the US it is? And not because of your
president Trump…trumpy trumpy I have a monkey. These communist groups they don’t
come out of the blue, it’s a real well organisation, wich have tentacles world wide,
I won’t go further, because…. they bore me, but I did find this video funny,
specially being from Spain, I got in to fistfights with… many of them.
No wonder I have 16 stitches in all my face but in different places, and specially
when I was in the army.
Hey mom, love ya

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

bad boy bad boy what you …….

Bad boy bad boy what you gonna do when they come for you…..
Not really,
there are in my small town too many criminally,
i just pass by and engage them,
that is why…again i have 6 stitches,
these fuckers know how to fight by the way
I yell heeeeeeey!!
Yes it was with the marrocans, and do not call me a racist,
if you do, well then you call my mother and ask her who is my best friend,
holy shit, it is a marrocan that works pays his taxes and all round he is a good person,
what does piss me off if these… fucking go to the security services to get help from the state,
and obviously i see them in the park selling drugs, not cool but i am a fool, thinking or just reacting
that one person a.k.a ….me, can be the hero, not really, i just go and bust faces,
wich no wonder with 5 guys i got the shit beat out of me, but i will say that that the two that
came first ended up in kookos nest.
Again five or six stitches, but they told me to go to the hospital wich i refuse, they called the police
and his name is Luis, they all know me by the way, just that you fucking rat.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, wooooooha! gentesses….hummmm

What’s with the fights?

Here we go…or not go, point being this was the last fight

Na, not really there have more, and guess who against?….fucking marrocans,
they sell drugs, they fight but won’t back down.
So the point, is that I have to fight them off.
How in the world can I avoid them if they live just infront of my house?
As off right now I got 5 stiches in my left eye, wich is the same that
the other gave me, yep, in the left freaking eye. I look like a donousour.
Point being…. I’m not a racist obviously, my best friend is marrocan,
forgot thay I was in the army you silly, another point…. won’t give up,
but some come into my coutry to sell drugs and get the benefits of the social security,
hell yes I’ll fight them until I die.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses….holy! look at this beautil person, I shoud
stay mor like that… I guess

Antifa communist

It seems that there in the U.S you just figured out that there
is a socialist/communist people.I specially like them. Fucking idiots
are still living in their mammas house. Point being, here in Spain is normal
too see this, never thought it was also in the U.S. Seems so, and as much I
have easy you pease, they do represent a hate group as you can see on the video.
I could go on and on with my arguments against them, but I’m tired and lazy,
so I’ll just put the video and you can comment, wich wouldn’t be a smart move since
part of my life job is to argue with people, si I’ll destroy you verbally
You just can’t win, if I have the time and I get bored I’ll send you a comment.
Hit it!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,

jesus christ….

So is 12.37 a.m
and i have no end
let me begin….
12 p.m is what my morning bell,
that should be my hot woman wich I pay every month,
she is my hunt,
point being… I have no point,
she woke me up just to tell that I should clean
the blood in that bathroom that I did screw
yep, got to a fight again with the marrocans,
it was them that they got a little group around me
so let me be, didn’t have my cool ice cream or knife to be beating…or something else,
told ya, this little fucking town I have to be on my tows to hold ya.
Anyways, the hot girl that is my roommate starts banging the door,
I was snapping really, so I hear and saw a bird and yelled, ” what the fuck now is twelve p.m”
So the door keeps pounding, I’m pissed off and no understanding, open it
and here is my hot cool mate, asked ” there is blood in the bathroom is it yours?”
I said no. Then I realised that my hand was bloody, so I told her that yes! That is my
shit, she laughs and tells me like a mother to stop fighting with the marrocans….
not going to happen, they come to Spain, to sell drugs and hit the shit out of people,
nope sirs and seerees, I’ll fight them until I die, and having the police on my way…..
I think since these other idiots are shit heads, but I started my campaign, and I will
finish it. And going with the risk that are involved, been in worst situations though,
so I do know the consequences wich are made of interferences.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.