Anger management

Don’t I look like the upstanding citizen in this photo.
People who have followed me for some time do know my

I made a political comment on another blog about
what is happening here in Spain with the region
of Catalonia, gave them solid arguments with facts
and I just get insults back. So I try my best to
be the good Samaritan back the first time, but
the second time…I just go off, I just want these
idiots in front of me to snap their heads. So I
actually told one of them that. So they can end up
like this

This was after a huge fight against 3 quite big guys,
but once the my fuse snaps, is hard to put me down,
still standing and the fight only broke out when the
police came.

I did try to argument with these people nicely once,
but fuck it, now after having insulted him all I
wanted I feel much better. As a matter of fact my
last fight was last week with a guy that tried to
steal my phone, I punched him 3 times then grabbed him
in a choke hold until it took 4 other guys to pull me
off this other idiot. Fuck, that felt good. All that
thing about be above the insults and fights and all…
it should be, but is not like me.

This is just a little bit of me
I can sting you like a bee
Don’t underestimate
This mate
Short fuse
For idiots who abuse
Just saying
Not playing
Keep your head on a swivel
Or you may end up like a messed up scribble

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


you want it
that’s why your head is knit
you’re going to go to sleep
you rob me
then forgive me
about the situation you put me in
you started so i could begin
to be cruel
you ignited my fuel
sorry you fucking little criminal
piss me off and you’ll see the real animal

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Poor imigrants…I fucked them up.

Pissed off, didn’t have a drink but still it was a pissed off this
thing, in my hometown, is SPAIN, and here I’m living
with Muslim Marrocans and to the south part of the town
I got the South American boys, and they dominate.
They sell drugs, that is the only thing they do.

So as Spaniard I got into a fight with the
“chief” of the Marrocans, that was nice since
I was in the Spanish Legion and we fought, leave it at that,
so I got into the fight of the guy who contr0led the other idiots
whos sell drugs, and after that I went to the other mother fucker
who is from Peru, fucking punks, the idiot thought he could fuck
with me throwing me little rocks, I kicked his ass.

So here we go again, this is my country, I don’t want these
fuck nut jobs selling drugs in my town, pisses me off and when I
go off is really quite the extreme.

By the way, I just have a bit of bruises, but noses is not broken
or other parts, so I came pretty much on top, not trying to make myself tough I know me so that doesn’t flee since at the end I did
went hunting for these mother fuckers that sell and steal and are
fucking criminals in MY hometown, SPAIN.
They know where I live, better, I don’t have to look for them
they can just ring the ring in my house and a knife will end
up in his neck.

D the Trump…I was gonna get to this point, well…he has a point, about imigration.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses inside your white picked fence or something…

Crazy Charly, or not?

That’s a little weird….

Ha, I got you,uuuuu,uuuu!
I didn’t even notice
until a so called friend told me,
and yes this was a real good fight,
it seems the photo went down…go figure,
anyways that is not me now tha was a fight long time ago.
I can’ t put pictures of me or of my town every now and then
is not the best of the towns but there are a bunch of clowns.

Specially since the fucking “sudaca” look that up in the dictionary,
the south american idiot with a criminal record,
wich i can’ t say shit about that, since i too have one
but the idiot started going after me after i went to the cigarette stand
or in spain “estanco”, so this fuck head starts asking me for one euro
then went up to two euros, and then went up….to the my last point,
so i get into a fight with this fucking idiot, it is a small town,
so you knaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw? anyways he did seem surprised i kicked his
ass, actually it was another spanish guy that grabbed me and told me to
go home, wich i did, i have a little of a black eye on my left eye,
and the other guy, you tell me if he was bent down not bein able to hold
a tree, so fuck this idiots, what the fuck are they in my country
in the first place and these guys in my town they are a bunch of criminals
and they know where i live, doesn’t bother me.

I’ m still waiting……
so fuck them, they are in my country in my town it is SPAIN and
what do i gain for paying to the IRS….these fuck heads, good i hit the
shit out of this one, and he wasn’t small but i should add that either
my face is used to punches, which it is, or he really didn’ t know how
to hit well, so, in comes me with 4 or 5 or 6 whatever in discover,
did knock him out, that is why the other spanish guy that was with him
told me to leave it and get going to my home, wich i did.

Fuck the immigrants.

That’s the point.
GO DONALD the TRUMP, probably a bitch when it comes down to the real
fighting, but that is others job to do, i was in the army so fuck it,
and i don’t like to have to go to buy cigarettes and being harassed by
a guy from Peru, that has a criminal record and he is not legal in my country,
asking me for money and then try to jump me, he got the worst so, goooooo
D the Trumpy…. I can can handle this fuck faces every day, remember i
do live in a small town and you see the same people at the same time
at the same day at the same and same and same and is boring.

But it seems that even now that i do not drink, military training…..
na, ha! that sounded good and cool i think in my stool,
just street fight, wich i should add i did not do in a long time
until the other day.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.Foto 274

That is not me this time, that photo was from a loooong time ago,

right now I just have a little black eye, this photo was taken probalby

a year ago, and that is another story.


Army boy

Yes, you can believe that,
I never got photos, this was from
a…. dumb,
looks like me
you better believe
I got shot at,
I got blown off
I didn´t see a nice woman in 8 months
I guess that is why is all the, and,
the best of me if this, writing while fighting demons
in whatever but I did run from the past
at last,
no drinking,
a bit of fighting
but in my defense is to get
out the adrenaline stress
Anyways got ya here in my cool photo
Foto 329
Then I realized what is really important, just one woman, the others can go
and take a hike with a kite,
gotta love her.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Teacher ends fight like a boss

I don´t care what colour of skin you are, but this guy and I have no clue how I ended up with that video since I was searching for teaching videos about writing, anyways this teacher makes even me want to become a teacher.

Wan´t to get cute little A holes? Be gangsta? Don´t go to his class then.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.