It´s worst if you know

I know I can engage, american military term to “hit or kill”,
I was in the Spanish Legion, believe that or not, that is fact.
Unfortunately I know this about me, specially today,
was not yesterday,
but two fucking Marrocans trying to rob me?
They are no dummies, me neither, I knew if giving them a little bait,
they will wait as I was talking about other things for again a bait,
back in my head I was ready, hence giving them mental money, let them
see where the money was (in my right socket) and let them…
Happened what I thought, but two against me? And they couldn´t even do shit,
I do know how to fight and will slap the shit of you if not today it won´t be
yesterday nor tomorrow day, I will get you when you least expect it.
Or they might get me that is, goes both ways.
I actually thought was fun, I knew how to perfectly react through not only
the so called fight, but looking at their eyes, their words, and me thinking
“this shit is going down for real and is no newsreal”, how the fuck did
I react so good? I got to give it to having a steady head under preassure,
real pressure that is both mentally and physically and knowing what I have to do
in each type of environment, men, just all the variables. Again it could backfire,
not this time though, they got the worst, I don´t even feel any pain in my body,
my face preciouse as grace, my body so haaardy and now after talking to dad to
cheer him up ( I think he is now realizing that he does have a tough motherfucker kid
now that mom is gone to heaven, she probably told him before who I was, she always said
even as a kid I liked adrenaline too much and physical altercations and since dad
was never around physically, that is not to say he loves this crazy kid, so called kid,
she probably told him ” Yes, believe it or not this is your son and you take care of him”.
I don´t need that hymn, from him, but ofcourse is always nice to hear his calm voice,
that I do believe I make a difference in that calm voice. Kind of weird now without mom.
Anyways anyhows! I play my bows…. just rhyming, the so called thefts went out with
not a healthy face to put it that way. Not proud of me for what I did, I should me smarter,
just testing them is how I have fun which is not good for them in this case.

Hospital Time!!!..again

Fuck me in the ass it’s freezing out there,
so be aware off a long time there.
Yep, another 5 stitches, but at least I can thank
the man….he will understand.
So now I got 5 stitches above my left eye
and 5 other ones in the “smack” of my right face…
what a disgrace, but to tell the truth they where many of them
yep, the Moroccans, and I’m just one.
And the next time they tell me “get out of this town”
the better lover I will become. You hit one, and they all
pile on top of you, next time next time…..just get the knife out
and kill these bitches, walking around with my right face swollen
like a kangaroo stolen, not again with fist fights, they are too
many, so I’ll keep the cool and be steady, and ready, and the knife
will go to at least on of the Moroccans that are a whore.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The patriot

Sorry this was not a patriot
I’m just blooging
Forgot, shitty di shit di di, I feel like I’m back to this shit

I’m back in Irak, although that picture was taken in Afghanistan, but in I the Rack
they had some kind of infrastructere, point being,
I fucking live in a town full of MUSLIM Marrocans, yes I did say MUSLIM,
the other point is that you win some you loose some

That is not me right now, but yesterday…! Fucking pieces of shit these marrocans
although I have to take half of the blame since at the end most of them are selling drugs
in my case is weed, I figured out weed is better than alcohol, so…. well that is why
I’m seeing a psychologist and therapist and all those kind of things.
I pray to God, yes I’m a Christian, that he will let me in if he wants since
I’m a pretty bunch.

So this town if full, I mean full, of this MUsliM marrocans, and they are all selling drugs
or stealing or both, just petty criminals.

There I was sitting talking with some girls and the next thing I know is that I’m surrounded
by 6 or 7 Marrocans just bullying me basically, but I told my mommma I will not get into more
fights, and then the hit came into my face, smaaaaaK! it sounded, and now I actually
have the left part of my face swollen, I did give back some, but they were too many,
so I had to loose this battle, than goodness the police happen to pass by and they ran
since I was on the floor trying to fight back quite a bunch.

I will add that one of my best friends is a MUSLIM marrocan, and he is one of the best
persons I know, he actually gives me jobs here and there. I tough man hard working person,
not like these fuck heads.

It was funny since when one day I met my mother here in this town, I was listening to her
but my eyes where scaning every place, just back to Irak, every place, person, and she
actually noticed it. Told me if there was something wrong, I said nope my grand pope
but I walk around this fucking town wich is a very small one and I will encounter them,
you just can’t have a detour through other places.

But I’m a

I’m a Spaniard in my hometown, but full of these fuck ups and by the way that is the shirt of the Spanish Infantry,
so fuck them, I fucked them off one time this was there time to fuck me up.
Although I am just one and they are….. who knows how many but too much.
And this is one of my women when I tell her about my battles with these nut jobs, me included
she goes fuck you….but to me!!!

So fuck her also, my town, my country, they will not scare me, I will fight back and harder.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Fuck, my face hurts like hell, I just need some womenly love…..kisses

The power of forgiveness (pic´s)

Right, I know I´m probably not the most adequate person to talk about forgiveness, I still have resentments towards Marrocans, maybe has to do something with my army days and that they shot at me and that they killed 3 of my guys. Actually this is me after a fist fight with one fuck head Marrocan Foto 274 I still will go after them no matter if they are one, two, or one hundred if like this other guy said something to my face like the last time. They just annoy me with their way of talking that guttural sound, their customs that they treat women like shit or like whores and in my country this idiots come to sell dope. You find them everywhere selling dope in all the small towns around where I live and where I live. Actually I don´t remember they never been in my town not selling dope since I was a young kid. And worst of all, they will be selling dope in the park during the day and you will find the same assholes in the social security services that are meant for the Spanish people who have no resources and there are plenty of us like that right now, well a bunch of these Marrocans getting the same benefits and even better when they don´t have and don´t want the Spanish nationality.

Now this is me after about a month, since I had 10 stitches put on my lower right part of the lip and I still have some hemorrage in the right eye,but I´m good now look at this beauty!Foto 281my lower right lip still has some stitches but in the inside and as I can see in the picture well it´s still kind of deformed and will probably stay that way, fuck it, at least I didn´t back down from this idiot who tried to scare me and at least he got a bloody nose and a black eye, I just got quite a bit worst part of the deal. Ha! had to put the Spanish flag behind me, I did fight for that flag so there it is,not really for the flag we fought for each other but that´s another story. So somethings I just can´t forgive or take out of my mind, they remind me when I was in those fucked up countries and they just piss me off. Maybe I am a racist and I don´t even know it, but I doubt it, the hardworking ones,which I only know two are good friends the rest I could shoot them dead no problem.

Now power of forgiveness!

It has come towards my crazy whore ex girlfriend. I´m not calling her those names for the sake of it, it´s just that first she is crazy since I have 3 scars left from her, you can´t see them now so that´s good. And second she is a whore, she will sleep around with guys to get a free cell phone or some shoes here or money in some cases so by definition she is a whore. Forgot, she also worked in a whore bar, she told me that her “boss” only wanted her to get the guys to buy drinks and only that….sure. She would never tell me anything when I was with her and ofcourse I would never ask. But I do share my part of responsibility, which is that I am an alcoholic, she had money and I didn´t, so she invited me to alcohol and I was plenty happy, never put a hand on her although she did call the police about 8 times I think on me. She is what you call just a mean mean person. But hey, I chose to put myself in that situation so what did I expect in return with this psycho? She actually pulled a knife two times on me, on those two times I did have to grab her and reduce her to the floor you could probably understand why, so there goes her crazy  and she said that if I ever left her she would only make my life miserable. Well it´s been quite a loooong time since I haven´t seen this nut job, around two years but I still get calls from her! A fucking stalker and psychopath. So that´s the reality.

I sometimes would think of her and I couldn´t even concentrate on my reading or writing just because of all the anger inside me, just pissed me off to no end, how could I put myself in those fucked up situations with this psycho and how in the world are people so fucked up like this bitch. Her whole day is making somebody else´s day miserable be it towards me or towards somebody else plus she was and is a master manipulator. I just hated this girl so much.

I don´t know why this past week I just actually started feeling sorry for this girl. I looked at myself, where I´m going in life….which is not very certain but certainly not the way I was going before that´s for sure. So my life is improving, except with some mile mishaps of some fight here or there, but overall I have my money, not broke anymore, I have my laptop, I´ll be getting my own apartment by the end of this year, a small one I grant you that but still it will be mine. I can put there my little library of books which I´m quite proud off, I won´t be a burden to my family, I can focus on writing and keep sending short stories so they can get rejected but hell, maybe once in a blue moon one of them gets through. The editors are staring greatness right in the eye and they just don´t see it, I feel sorry for them. Anyways so now everything seems to be going on track, and this hasn´t happened by luck, it´s been planned and worked on. And what will this girl be doing at her age at age undisclosed? Nothing with her life, jus t fucking every dick my guess is that with those other guys, which I know quite well, they don´t have any compunction in hitting and mistreating her if she starts yelling or forget about if she punches one of these dudes, they don´t care they´ll go to jail but first they´ll slice her up. And probably that´s why she won´t call the cops because she´s afraid of them.

So I just started to look at my life, my possibilities, my knowledge, and then at her and how she is at her core. A mean nasty person, and I really felt sorry for her, not kidding. I thought what a way to be and to live. Not going back with her even if they paid me a million dollars but I just felt sorry for her and decided to forgive all that she put me through. I sound like a wussy for crying out loud, and all because of the alcohol.

Guess what, I don´t have any anger towards her, absolutely none. And that is very liberating. You feel at peace without anger in yourself, and although is with this specific instance in my life it certainly feels great. Probably will have to work on the others, but they are too many and I´m too lazy.

Just a crazy though from a crazy life.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.