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Borderline psycho (flash fiction)

With her shaky hands she started to hit the keyboards of her new Apple computer.
It was 5.a.m and she couldn’t sleep, what happened the night before was eating
at her solace brain. Please no please no she kept repeating to herself,
after a brief moment she got to the front page of google, fuck! she swore
out loud. She went to gmail, enter her password, her heart beating so much it hurt
her ears, sweat started to appear on her forehead, then came the reply from google
Your password is incorrect She got the computer and threw it against
her third apartment window and the new computer felt and felt, down in slow motion she
could see it falling right on top of the head of a passerby who immediately dropped dead.

She rushed down the stairs and there he was lying unconscious,
with no pulse. It was her ex boyfriend Josh dressed in his janitors outfit. She had
called him yesterday only three hundred times, for her that was just a few calls.
She was now trying to reach him through email but had forgotten her password.
Now she finally had reached him.

She stood up, looking over him, though to herself what are the fucking chances of this…
Smiled and waited for the ambulance to arrive.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

building new memories

Laying awake in a dark freezing room, under four blankets.
I exhale and I can see the vapour coming out of my mouth,
like all the dark memories exiting my brain. I only have
bad memories from these past years. So I got to the
uncomfortable conclusion wich it wasn’t that hard of
an illusion that is only on me with the help of the
man upstairs but it is all on my shoulders to turn things
around, do a rebound and live a much better life that I’m
living now. I know I’m much better than living in shitty
towns with shitty people and doing shitty things.
It is not easy, but I’m starting to build new and happier memories.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Hey buddy


Hey buddy,
you are just not anybody
for us you are a life saver
for us you are part of the team
so we don´t have to hear too many to scream
that is your job
to be part of eating that crazy mob, sniffing the bomb
Hey Buddy!
you to will get bloody
so, thanks, even if it seems strange for some
but we are just a little zero sum.


Prompt by https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2016/01/25/fffaw-week-of-january-26-2016/

He was walking down the street, staring at an emptiness of a future. Just a black hole
were the light had been transformed into darkness, were the angels had come demons.
It was his hole, his future, his misery for him to deal with until he couldn´t bear
it more and decided to strap a noose around his neck and end it once and for all
the suffering.
It was a sunny day and the rays of sun hit his pale face, he didn´t care. He walked
to the corner wich was relative a quite one, just enough time for him. He took out
the rope, he hung it over the fence and..

“Excuse me young man.” An old voice said to his back. He turned around and saw a little
old lady. He just stared at her, furious really. “Would you be so kind and get me that
sunflower over there next to the rope please? Is my daughters birthday, she is fighting
terminal cancer.” She laughed to herself, “Fighting….you can´t fight that right? But
she´s living every moment and loving life…..Sorry young man, didn´t mean to bother you.”

The young man saw she was tearing up, he grabbed a bunch of sunflowers and handed them over.
He smiled at her and said life was beautiful, it truly was. After the old lady left, he
unrolled the rope, shrugged his head and said out loud, “Am I stupid! I´m just going to loose
my job.”

Staay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The Player

Photo credit Etol Bagal
Prompt by http://pricelessjoy.co/2016/01/12/fffaw-the-saloon/

People were cheering while he teased the little and skinny young man. The young
man hanged his head low, ball after ball was getting in the whole. They had bet
one thousand dollars and the big bulky man was already thinking of how he would
spend all that money. Was it going to be on booze or girls? Probably both. He
missed one play, but that didn´t bother him. The young skinny kid still had all his
balls to play. What an idiot the skinny kid with glasses was, the big bulky guy thought.
A rich kid from the university coming to his tavern and thinking he could get away
with a challenge, hell no this was his territory and he was going to make the skinny kid

Suddenly the kid, took of his glasses. One after the other the balls started to hit their
mark, one hole after another. He didn´t miss any play. The crowd suddenly was silence, the
skinny kid moved swiftly from one side of the table to another hitting and hitting and
making each ball drop on the hole. After he was done he took the money and walked out.
People just stared at each other with their mouths shut.

“That wasn´t all that bad.” The old man, with white hair said when the kid emerged into
the parking lot.

“Hey, what the hell old man, not all that bad? You couldn´t have moved as quickly as I did.”

He gave the old man his cut, fifty percent and they moved on to another bar. The kid
put on his glasses  again. Just another night of hustling.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Prompt provided by: https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2016/01/05/fffaw-week-of-january-5-2016/

“Stop it!” Sara yelled for the second time in a row, but the giggles just intensified.
She couldn´t concentrate on her work. She got another swap of saliva and put it under
the microscope glued her right eye in the opening and stared intensely at it.

“You aint getting it, are you? heheheheh”

“I will get it. I´ve worked on this for almost ten years now, it´s almost done.
humanity will thank me.”

More giggles.

“I found it!” Sara yelled, “here is the YH microsomes.” And she gave Eddy the high five.

Eddie had stopped giggling and now he looked at the ground.

“Thank´s a lot Eddie, you´re a great buddy, you sure look happy for me,” She said sarcastically.

Eddie finally got the courage to look at her, “didn´t you have enough by bringing a skeleton
back to life? Me, I´m a miracle of science not that YH stupid microsome and nobody is going to
know me. I´m stuck in this office day after day and when someone else comes in I just play dead,
which isn´t even that hard! I just have to shut up. Nobody aknowledges me.”

Sara patted Teddy on the head and softly said, ” with time Eddie, with time.”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Photo by: Melanie Green Wood.

Prompt by https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/2016/01/06/8-january-2016/

“Mayday! Mayday! The first engine is on fire.” Mike said to the forward air controler.

“You got to pull up Jack, pull up.” His first officer Danny said in a calm voice.

“Extinguish the first engine.” Mike ordered, after all he was the captain,
he knew it was a risky maneuver but it had to be done.

“I can´t do that.” Danny replied with a stern face, he was unflinching.

Suddenly the door opened and in came their father.

“Again playing with the buttons?” He asked his ten year old twins.

“We want to be a pilot, just like you daddy.” Mike said.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The failed escape

It´s another edition of  https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/

“Hit it Mike, hit it !! ” John screamed at the top of his lungs as he looked back
and saw the U.S Sheriff right behind them.

“Hit what?!” John screamed back at John while the water splashed his face, ” you couldn´t
have stolen a more shitty boat!”

John looked up at the hill and saw the white house of his ex wife, He grimaced. She took
his most precious thing and now she had paid for it.

“Hey John, you´re the most incompetent criminal I have seen, you know that?”

“How many have you seen?” Came the reply from behind of the boat.

“Enough to know that you´re an idiot.” Mike said with a grin.

John looked down at his feet, there she was lying on the floor. Her feet tied up. He laughed
out loud. They had to put her to sleep until they reached some kind of safety.

“Dump her!” Mike screamed at Jack as the Sheriff cut them off.

“You´re nuts, no way.”

Eventually the Sheriff just gave them a warning as they untied Lucy, Johns best friend, the dog
that was his, not his wife´s. He would go to courts for eternity and until he ran out of money
so he could be reunited with his dear Lucy.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

It went a bit over 175 words.