Best commentator best player

Video! Of Messi and the commentator in the first seconds is great. Had me smiling.
The youtube guys probably won´t let me watch it in the wordpress, if you want it will
say in spanish at the end to click there to watch it on youtube. I think is worth it.
Messi is incredible and the commentator had me smiling like a little girl. Nice therapy to smile.

Football God

Quarantine, no existin….where I live anyways. But nobody it´s outside, people
might come and go inside the house not to my room for sure, so what is the fucking
point of the quarantine? Anyways going off track, I just marvel at this soccer player
and the commentaires about him from the oponents. Once you got those athletes that are
at their top level saying what they say…it´s really incredible this guy. MESSI

soccer man, one minute and a half video

I´m for the Real Madrid, but you have to give it to this superhuman.
Even the “enemies” of this man who plays with the Barcelona give him
an ovation. He is better than Pele, considered by the “experts” the
best soccer football in the days since Cleoprata.
Messi! (I´m watching too much YouTube videos, and writing so that´s a positive)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.