Friday Fictionairees

Where is Gorgie Mr. Napoleon?

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Historical fiction under 100 words

“Get your man up there!!” Napoleon shouted to his Lieutenant.

“Where?” The Lieutenant asked a bit confused.

“On the Chateu de Sable!” Napoleon´s voice barely audible under the heavy
barrage of gunfire.

“It´s the Chateu.” The Liutenant said with his eyes watering.


“My grandmother lives there.”

“Take her out, now, and stop crying like a little woman.. You pissan!”

The Liutenant went inside and moments later came out, he dropped to his knees
and said. “He is gone.”

“He?” Napoleon said with a confused face.

“Yes, Gorgie, my granmothers dog is gone.”

They lost that battle that day, and the Liutenant was hanged for “idiotocracy.”

110 words…come on

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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“Come on! Faster faster!” The teacher screamed at the young man.
His parents said he was gifted with the piano, he had been playing since he was four.
But deep inside he felt there was something missing. The teacher, and uptight old
english woman taken out of the Victoria era kept screaming at him to go faster, that
him Mozart could do it.

Suddenly he started singing to her surprise.

“I crack a bottle! going wallow wallow, ladies in my Tahoe, too many condoms and
I don´t know where they come from.”

Two years later, he was know around the world as Eminem.

107 words. Damn! 7 words more.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The slow walk down

photo by Amy Reese

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It had been going on for months.He couldn´t understand why she couldn´t understand
why he had to do it.

She wiped her tears with her right hand while she grabbed his wedding ring on her
right hand and squeezed it tightly.

“I gotta go beautiful.”

She suddenly cursed at him, all the emotions she had bottled up came out as a torrent of water.
He didn´t look up nor said a word while he slowly walked down the stairs.
He didn´t want to remember her crying and insulting him.

Two days later he was officially charged for murdering John Lee VanDike.
The man who raped and murdered their twelve year old daughter. He was supposed to pick her up from
school and he forgot that day, she blamed him, he blamed himself even more and he was
determined to get even.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The Peregrinus

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“Hey! Peregrinus!!” Yelled William Bradford.

“Stop calling me that, just call me Edward, Edward Winslow.”

“It´s just funnier when I call you pereginus, I like to see
the irritation in your face.”

“Really William? We just arrived at our destination, a holy place
in May and you are coming at me with these idiotic things?”

This time William was the one who looked annoyed but he contained
himself from insulting again which happened throughout their arduous journey
on the ship. “Why do we have flowers anyways?” He asked.

“In case we meet someone here.”

“Really bright Edward, I see a whole bunch of people here.”

“Damn, well just call the ship the Mayflower and forget about it,
I´m hungry by the way go get something to eat.”

William returned half an hour later with a big bird.

“What in the world is that?”

“Don´t know, that dude high on the ridge with bow and arrow said turkey
what language was that man?,they told me to got eat with them.”

Edward looked confused, he didn´t like the idea of eating with a strange
guy with bows and arrows. “We´ll see what we do with the bow and arrow dude.”

I probably went just a bit over the 100 words


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“Get out of the car!” The police man yelled.

Richard stood still with both hands on the stirring wheel, at least a dozen guns where pointed
at him. He lit up his cigarette and inhaled deeply.

He looked at his passenger and calmly said, “time to go”.

“No,no , please don´t” The passenger screamed in despair, but  it was a futile plead.
A loud bang ruptured the windows and the passenger was instantly dead.

Justice had been done, the man who had kidnapped and raped his son was now dead.
A policeman had snuck behind the car and open fire killing Richard.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.