I lost a friend

I lost a good friend
why? you can say and do it to bend
She says I’m a drunk, true, but is not you
who has to battle every day to overcome this
addiction wich now doesn’t give me any erection.
It is normal for people that don’t suffer from addiction
to understand those who do, and I suffer ever fucking day,
I just got home from the detox center, trying and trying,
every fucking day to not have a fucking drink, yes,
she maybe right I do stink.

Here goes why I’m also pissed off, did this “friend”,
remember when she called at 6 a.m waking me up and
telling me all her life and sad stories and me listening
and giving her the best advice I can give? Does she also
remember recently that I was there for her? Nope,
I’m definitely not perfect, but I am a good person
and that I know, I do screw up once in a while….
But what the fuck girl? You could also be a bit
understanding of me, I don’t expect her to do that
so what? Do I enjoy the times to listen
to her miseries? Because my life is great and I don’t
have any problems to deal with…..
And me telling her, you will overcome it, and more
positive shit. So no, she could also be a bit more
understanding instead of being in her own world
wich everything revolves around her.

Wooooohaa! It felt good writing it down.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Just friendship love

Just love
and I didn’t hit a dove

For me is trange
but it seems I can change

What am I used to?
sorry, but only I think to screw you

And this woman I met her through wordpress
and for me she is the best

Her husband also
he is quite the awesome man

She’s no dummy,
she got a good man and I can say he is a good person,
I guess that those of you that read me,
Yep you know, I’m not saying she is a saint
since nobody is, but overall she’s a good person,
smart, she is good looking, but mostly she is
a nice person and easy to talk to, yes you.

hold it…. I think you just hit the LIKE button
without reading and that’s it, you evil…
so what I’m used to, not that type of friensdship
with a woman that makes my two neurons not asleep.
Fuck me, I’m wierd, and that is why you or some like me
yaaaa know you beeee!

Always Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Is my fault…I think

Yes, I’m lazy
when in my head you are crazy
but no,
it is me
that is not the normality
not only girls,
they bore me when then talk, and talks, talk, talk,
sorry, to me it sounds like a crazy rat quack.
But it’ s my fault,
after all,
I should put more into to listen to some of you
but you also got to understand my postion,
there is no decision there, is my cruel incission,
so I do and I will try to do my best obviously on my behest,
but either you love for who I am or not, with my goods and my bads,

I can be a sweethear *I don’ t know how to put the commas, fucking cumpiter”
and I can be just, me, and I hope, I always take the example of my parents
they couldn’ t be more different, but my mom the out going type of gal,
and my father more reserve, yet funny in his own way, got along for
…….45 years, and my old man still makes my mom laugh, specially in
the monring, that is something to see really, so to my girl,
do not expect the world, do not expect the perfect, do not expect life
to be on you side, so
just live it and roll with it and have fun

Hope you’ re read that and got some….fun, cause you are not a nunn
so do not act likek that shit, just live life. Period, in my .. say heyyyy!

Stay Frosy gents and gentesses.

P.S. I’ m fucking freezing.

The girl

Man, it is Sunday
tell you the truth
yesterday i was not smooth
got into a fight
and that was not right
I got a call from this girl
at 7 a.m in my time,
wich i was really out of it
but there are good people out there
and this person is that, a good person
plus she is hot, yeeeeeeeeeeha!…. kidding,
i was glad she woke me up with the hangover
glad she´s doing good, that takes out of my
mind, do I have one? my own stuff…puff puff
sorry, just smoking while talking in my writing, talk about
good people, not perfect but it certainly was
refreshing that someone, in this case her
remembered me, and took the time out of her busy life
to call this low life

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.