For you lady

IMG_1477IMG_1472IMG_1385IMG_1227DownloadedFileimages-19Foto 105
All for the photos, and that is for mom, I think she obviousoly rmember those, not me in the uniform,
but the rest…you bet, hey mom! Remember those two dogs over there…. I was taking care of them, or maybe
not all that much but you know I have to say that in public.
Then we got this crazy ass girldscn2866
Freaking nutcase this one, do you only get dogs that are weird or what! Maybe like the so called kid.img_1061
That is not me……this is me, but you know the kidFoto 352
hold itDSCN2468 Remember this one…..
Anyways, fuck all that shit, since we are lloking in the future so i think this is the one, I guess
but I can be a bit of a mess…
love ya….sista!!!