fuck I´bored

Not for the sensitive- dark humour

I want a hooker as my congresswoman,
maybe I´m watching too many YouTube videos,
even one of my girl a friend told me to walk out and see the sun,
my thought process living in this town is to walk out but where is my gun with the sun?
I already have too many scars from this town, long stories, I and my friends
that don´t live here but I brought them here(from my time in the military and we are no pussies)
so then….. comes the hen.
Point being in the last video if you write “pólice arresting politicians)”””
Jeeeeesus Christ, And they are mostly all women, that act while intoxicated…. well, as humans really.
But I want a nice looking hooker to represent me. ( that was weird written and ittle but much info if it makes sense)
I can also be a hooker and run for office, so you feminist don´t descreminate against me!!…. I have a little heart.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.